Functional jobs.

I have to admit. I hate working. I hate waking up early. I hate doing shit. I just like to think and write the shit I thought of.

That’s my passion – to think, but as I said earlier, I haven’t came up with any of this shit.

When I look throughout my window I see people shoveling snow, leaves. I see cashiers doing their cashiering. I see gamers play the same game everyday.

Man that’s ill. Functional jobs suck dick.

Working in some sort of factory and doing your daily task. Like putting ketchup on a sausage every single day for the rest of your life. Or slaying chickens every day.

Man that’s crazy.

When I think about work. I want to do something creative, since I’m a good idea generator. I just can’t come up with some fucking plan to execute it all – execution costs a lot of money, because there’s so little you can do alone.

I’m not this ‘know it all guy’ who can do anything he wants. I just speak and write. I’m white-handed. I don’t want to do any dirty jobs.

Writing texts is a pretty cool job.

But not when you have to come up with shit for other people. I would be a terrible freelance writer – I tried, quit as soon as I saw what kinda garbage I’ll have to write.

I have this dream: I want to make the world free, because there’s so much abundance under a price tag.

There’s so much abundance and people have to work to get the access to the world – it can’t be lamer.

Functional jobs make no progress. You just keep on doing the same thing over and over. It doesn’t make your mind creative, on the opposite, it numbs down your brain. And you’re like a robot.

I believe creative work is the best work.

Everyone is a creator, only creators know it.

But if you’re into creative work – you need to have some technical knowledge, otherwise your creative work will suck and you won’t compete with world standards. Every year the standard is going up. There’s always people who are better.

Competing with a world is impossible, because so many people in the world have talent. I personally don’t have any talent.

My talent is to shit post.

I can’t imagine myself working in some factory.

Still if people can make money with their passions, so can I – I’m not different.

If some people want to do shit to earn money – it’s their choice.

Personally me. I love doing cool shit. But I don’t see any opportunities here in Lithuania. I would love to travel to America and look how people are living there. Living in Lithuania is cool, it’s a country where you can chill out. I bet you can’t live in America without work – and it’s expensive like shit there.

But America is the country of opportunities, just because there’s a big market, not like in Lithuania – here are just 3 million people if not less.

Most people are doing worse than me.

Sure you need to have competence to do good shit, but don’t forget you can get competence by trying.

Functional jobs are like meh. Every day the same shit.

I know I would be a good idea generator at some animation studio. There’s so little I can do alone. If I knew how to draw I would be in a comics business.

But since I just know how to write, and I’m not the best outhere. But whatever – who cares?

I would love to make life interesting, because now everything that’s interesting is under a price tag. You can’t do much when you don’t work.

So the idea is to open up the world whilst doing what I like.

That’s pretty crazy. I have no fucking clue how to achieve that.

I guess some people are more lucky than others.

I’m not Elon Musk, I don’t do rockets and shit.

I’m not Stephen King, I don’t write bestsellers.

I bet the most obvious choice here is to find something interesting and do that until you fucking die. Working is lame. The top people aren’t doing any work. They just invest or start a business.

Personally I’m not a businessman. I don’t like business although I have graduated from business school – learnt nothing.

I kinda like doing my own stuff. I don’t compete with the world.

I guess to earn from creative work, you have to be liked by people.

If people don’t like what you do, then your creative endeavour will be fruitless. Some people get followers easier than I do.

I guess when you can’t do any creative work, you then go and do functional jobs.