How long until you give up?

How long does it take to make it big?

Most of the time, for all bloggers, it takes a lot of time to see some results from their work.

But how do you measure your results?

By pageviews and engagement?

By money earnt?

When a blogger starts his blog, he has something in mind, most of them believe that blogging will make them rich overnight, but that rarely happens.

Blogging is a long boring road.

Most of the time you’re the one talking to yourself.

It’s good to have a sense of your audience.

The people whom you’re writing to.

Writing for yourself can become lonely, especially if there’s no engagement on your website.

Whenever you write for yourself, or for your audience – you should keep in mind, that everyone likes free stuff. Nobody’s going to pay for your merch. It rarely happens.

It’s very hard to be the best, when you know that 150 million bloggers want to achieve the same thing. It’s really hard.

But on the other hand.

Is your work fruitless?

Everytime you write a piece, you give birth to your baby and your baby’s there to be picked up by some reader.

When writing, the result isn’t engagement or money.

It’s the process of creating something worthwhile.

And creating something worthwhile takes a lot of effort and time.

If you’re there not working and doing nothing. You can do what I do, but most would consider my work fruitless.

I no longer care about the engagement, nor money.

Writing became an obsession for me. The more I write – the better I feel.

Writing for feeling good. That’s not fruitless.