Drinking is boring.

When’s the last time you drank? Was it fun?

I drank two weeks ago. Since I was a semi-heavy drinker I recall fun and dangerous times with drinking.

But after I became no longer friends with few of my friends. My drinking became very boring.

There are two types of drinkers.

  • The ones who go out and do shit while drunk.
  • The ones who sit at the same place and drink the same beer.

I fell into a trap of drinking alcohol in the same place with same people and same beer. My drinking became so boring that I’ve managed to quit drinking altogether.

I’m not saying it’s long time since I drank the last time, but now I drink non alcoholic beer.

Drinking became boring. With my friends I used to have, we went out and made shit while being drunk. We went to bars, walked drunk around the city, dangerously walked over the bridge, once. Talked to random chicks. One time I kissed 12-20 girls at the same time. All while being drunk and that was an epic time. Because alcohol really does connect people.

My first sexual intercourse was while being drunk, at age 19 and it sucked, but still it was a cool experience.

I met my first long term girlfriend while being hangover, if not drinking I wouldn’t have met her.

We drank at some garage in Šeškinė and my friend used to fix car motors there, there was another friend, we were classmates. And I got so drunk, that I agreed on traveling to Ukmergė, Lithuania.

I woke up in some old house, lost my glasses, but then found them later. Puked in a wardrobe, man that was ill. My friend had to clean it up.

I remember my friend told me that he wanted to open the window and the window fell off. In the morning I recall drinking water from the well and it was so disgusting.

Anyway the day went by, my both friends fixed the car in Ukmergė and I was drinking. So my friend drove me to the station to get back home and there I met my girlfriend Alina. I recall I was all dirty with this massive silver chain (220g). Some walkman phone and I just asked her to go eat with me in Vilnius and she agreed. After I ate, she asked me to accompany her to her flat. I did and we became friends and lived for 2 years together. It wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t drinking.

Alcohol connects people. It’s said that you have to drink with a person once and the next day you’re friends forever. It’s not a joke. Those who drink know that.

But over time drinking became boring. I don’t go to clubs because I don’t like dancing. I was few times in a club, but felt stupid dancing alone. Then I’ve quit clubs.

Back when I was younger I had friends who were active and they’ve always pulled me out to the city, to the park and we have been friends for 10 years. Every weekend we were drinking and doing shit.

Fast forward to now, my all friends are passive, or aggressive when drunk and drinking became either boring, or dangerous and that sucks.

So I quit drinking alcohol. Back in the day I didn’t puke from alcohol, now I puke everytime, sometimes wake up wet when I take a lot of alcohol. I’m glad I didn’t shat myself while being drunk.

With my old friends I felt secure, they were strong but luckily there were no fights with other guys, because we always were 3 and we had a lot of adventures.

I would say you need to stop drinking when drinking becomes boring. Drinking adds something to an adventure and mostly it connects people. A lot of people drop their complexes while being drunk.

As long as you’re being active and seek adventure – it’s fine to drink, if you don’t puke after every drink.

Now I’m surrounded with boring people. And they flush their boredom with alcohol. I don’t want to do that. Alcohol used to be an energizer for me and now it’s a depressant. You sit with same people, drink the same beer, and stare at the same computer screen or listen to the same lame old songs.

Back in the day I found fun in alcohol, because I could do stuff I normally wouldn’t do and most of the time that stuff was epic.

After my schizo most people dropped me. and I dropped friends from my neighborhood because drinking with them is fucking boring.

If I drink I want to do shit like in the movie Hangover. That’s a fine movie.

When you drink you have to have an active company that doesn’t want to settle in one place and if you’re passive like me, they drag you out to do shit.

As for people, who drink in one place, the same beer, and with the same faces with the same music – you are fucking boring.