Don’t start your blog for free.

Sure free blogging exists, but you’ll be dependant on the service provider.

Instead of starting web blogging for free on platforms such as blogger, steemit or medium.

Don’t hesitate to buy a domain name and web hosting.

When you’re on your own domain – nobody can ban you.

I made a mistake by blogging on blogger, medium, steemit. I earned nothing. Because you make the companies richer and not yourself.

If you want to start blogging, don’t hesitate to buy domain and website hosting on bluehost.

WordPress is the way to go – many people are doing it and they earn a lot of money, it sure isn’t easy, but anyone can start a blog.

While blogging for free, you can get banned if your blog doesn’t meet the company’s standards.

You sure don’t want to get your work wiped by these major companies.

Blogging costs 50$~ per year, don’t you have that kind of money?

Free is not worth it because you’ll get no support if something goes wrong. And on free blogs, companies earn money out of your blog – not you. You don’t want that.