Don’t give up on your dream.

It’s easy to stop doing the thing that doesn’t bring any monetary results.

Believe me – I’ve shut down so many blogs and projects that I know what I’m talking about.

But it’s easier to continue the project than starting a new one.

When you start – you’re always at the beginning. Always.

The problem with personal projects is that every project owner wants a financial reward that would benefit his life.

Without financial rewards – you could do anything you want.

But when it comes to financial rewards – it’s tricky.

Very tricky.

So you started a blog – what’s next?

Should you quit after 1 year of blogging? I think no. I’ve read that some girl started earning after 5 years of blogging.

I heard stories that some blogs take off during first 6 months of blogging. But that’s rare.

If you’re writing for your pleasure – don’t expect your blog to take off after 6 months.

I heard a story that one guy was blogging 8 years and still doesn’t get traffic to his blog from Google.

Forget about blogging for money instead do it for fun. When doing things for fun. It’s easier to hang on for longer times.

Online, most things are instantaneous. But it’s really hard to go viral. Most of the time it happens unexpected. I was viral – fame faded. Everyone can be famous for 15 minutes, but it’s hard to sustain the fame.

Everyone who is actively putting himself out there wants more views, more engagement and more money. Rarely people do it for fun.

Today putting yourself out there became a business.

I would say forget about money and do it for pleasure. Because you can’t compete with all the best bloggers and vloggers, Youtubers. It’s impossible.

I think, doing things you do, should be pleasure and not pursuement of money. Lots of people say that if you do things you like – money will happen by itself but that rarely happens.

Making money online is really hard and most amateurs should forget about money.

But that doesn’t mean you should stop striving for your dream. It may be hard, but it’s still possible. It may take a bit longer.

Typical bloggers earn 10€-100€ per month. Some bloggers earn nothing, but that’s not because your blog is bad. It’s because there’s an oversupply of writers who blog.

If there are 150 million blogs. So it’s one blog per 53 people. That’s about right.

You see these things happen on Twitch, on Youtube – only the best Youtubers and streamers can survive from doing their craft.

Typical streamer gets 1-20 views. If you get more then you’re lucky.

Typical blog gets 10-100 views per day.

You can’t make a lot of money with that amount of readers.

I don’t want to discourage you from building your empire. You should build one for sure, but don’t expect money. Drop your expectations. It’s for the better.

Since the era of kindle on amazon – there are so many books and whatnots that a typical book makes 1-5 sales per month. Because there is an oversupply of books. Writing became worthless. Sure some get money, but the average writer, who’s not published – he makes few bucks here and there. You can’t be a millionaire with 30 cent book sales.

Not every writer is worth million dollars – you know.

It’s all in marketing. And quality product.

I heard that marketers who invest in Facebook ads hope for 10% profit. So it’s 10 cents profit for every dollar spent. If you want 10% go invest in mutual fund or some shit, that way there will be less risk.

And you don’t want to blow your money by taking high risks. You want to minimize risk. Being millionaires is probably not for us. Because being a millionaire is hard. It’s too difficult.

Most prolific writers have an exceptional skill. You can’t write a best seller in 10 days. Writing books takes a lot of effort. I’ve tried and it’s hard. It’s one thing to write your book, but another to sell it. Typical book is for one reader. That’s the modern reality.

If you want to give away your book for free, it’s better not to waste time writing it. But Americans have amazon kindle – American writers can write publish and repeat as long as they love writing. It’s harder for me because I’m Lithuanian. My writing has a lot of grammar errors.

I don’t want you to give up on your dream, because with writing it’s really hard. You can write for years and get nothing for your work. Writing is a disappointing occupation. It’s miserable.

But if you focus on writing and not on sales. All your work will be out there after you’re dead. But these days writers rarely become famous after their death. You shouldn’t worry about your death and what will happen with your writing.

As long as you love writing – you should write.

Everybody can be a writer, but being a recognized one is another thing. Making money without recognition is impossible. Because you need a lot of sales. Million of them. And it’s hard to build traction with one book. And if your book doesn’t make it to the big screen – forget about being famous and rich.

If you would ask me how to become recognized – I would say that I have no clue. You just have to write and hope for the best.

The problem with writers, with most of them, is that they do zero marketing. It’s not enough to publish a post, it’s not enough to put your eBook on kindle. People have to see your work. If nobody sees your work – forget about being recognized.

The only thing that keeps me writing is that I absolutely love it. I don’t imagine myself not writing.

I guess we just have to keep on writing and hope for the best.

Keep on writing dude. Don’t give up.