Don’t be nice.

I know being nice is awesome, when you don’t do business.

But when doing business you gotta be fucking selfish.

It’s all about what those people can do for you.

In sense, you have to be somewhere between nice and rude.

Extremely rude doesn’t work.

And extremely nice doesn’t work.

When you’re nice people will exhaust and exploit you – that’s the reality of life.

Everyone is seeking benefits. You should be seeking benefits too.

I’m a nice guy, I like giving away stuff for free because I imagine and work towards free world.

But the person who gives stuff in a paid world will be simply exploited.

If you’ve been giving away stuff for free and then suddenly you add a price tag – everyone will be disappointed and rude because of you.

People know, if they won’t buy from you, you’ll eventually will give stuff away just to get some eyeballs on your stuff.

Building business takes a solid amount of work and it’s hard. Some folks get it easier than folks who don’t understand what business is.

It’s all about providing value in exchange for monetary rewards, if you don’t get any monetary rewards – you’re not doing business.

People like free stuff, but nobody values things that are free.

Price tag means it’s good and free means that it’s lame. That’s what people think most of the time.

Being nice means you work towards benefit of other people, but in capitalism – if you don’t sell anything – you will never be rich because ad clicks pay so little.

In order to be rich – you need to be selfish and think about the benefit other people can give to you.

You need to stop being nice, because people will exhaust and exploit you. Sure you might earn here and there, but you’ll never have a solid income stream. Donations don’t work when you don’t have a cause.

People actually don’t want to pay for your goods here in Lithuania, if there’s a book – people will seek ways to get it for free, so being a writer is such a disappointing occupation just because there’s so much free text and there’s no logical sense to buy something that is out there for free.

If you can’t steal something it’s not worth buying it.

Nice guys finish last, because the world is made up that way. People exploit each other for benefit. While you’re nice you don’t make a fair exchange. When you’re nice – you can always lift off the price, just because you’re nice.

People who do serious business they don’t lift off the price. Even when they’re making these massive deals, they earn in surplus.

Being nice in business means you’re aren’t fully competent and your confidence in doing business is low. That’s me right there.

I don’t feel that I have the competence to tell people how to live and how to do things. This is having low self esteem.

That’s why I’m nice and I give away things for free. Because I don’t believe myself as a creator, writer, blogger.

Nice guys underestimate their own value. Yeah, sure, they create value, but they don’t believe that their value is fucking epic. That’s why most of stuff is free of charge these days. These days there is more stuff for free than there is paid stuff – at least online. Many people choose to give their compositions for free and wait to be compensated with indirect ‘sales’.

It’s hard to deliver extraordinary value. It really is, because the people in the world are competing for same things. The competition is very high, therefore produced value is devalued. Every blogger who’s nice enough to share his thoughts should be properly compensated for the effort, but fair compensation isn’t thing we do.

That said, being nice in business and relationships will simply mean that you’re going to be exploited and exhausted until you will toughen up.

It’s nice to be nice, but it isn’t a solid strategy.