Developing a 24/7 working website/system.

Website is a system. It works when you’re asleep.

Many people wish to earn money while they sleep, but many people don’t have a clue how to do it.

Starting a website is a low cost venture, if the website fails – you’ll lose your time but not your dollars. And that’s a good thing.

Websites like mine, blogs, they need nurturing.

You don’t start a successful website from the get go. You have to persist and be patient with a blog.

There’s a lot of bloggers who started earning a decent income after 2 to 5 years of daily writing.

Yeah, it’s a grind.

When you start a website – you want to create an informational portal for your future clients. You can only show display ads and if you get a decent amount of traffic – you can earn decent income and quit your job.

Being a full-time blogger, means writing, publishing and promoting. I don’t promote – I focus on organic growth.

My dream is to create a website with lots of pageviews.

If I want to have a well documented website – I have to write and provide value to people.

Sure my website isn’t the ‘how-to’ guides, but occasionally I drop a tip or two.

Well established website can substitute your job, because there’s so much bloggers who made it big and have a decent following and earn money while they sleep.

Everybody wants to earn money while they sleep. I bet this is a dream for many people, but the problem is that many people, at least those whom I know – don’t have a website, everyone is lurking at Facebook and actually makes Facebook richer. Everyone is working on Facebook by putting content and engaging with it and with ads.

Why make Facebook or Twitter rich when you can write content on your website and attract viewers and get a benefit from it?

I made many mistakes by publishing my content on other websites like medium, quora, steemit.

I actually was making content for other websites and only benefit I’ve got was a 5$ membership for free. That’s all I’ve got for 300 posts on medium. That’s lame man. I can make much more money by writing on my own website.

You need to develop a website, when you start a WordPress blog on your own domain, you need to populate it with useful content.

Because people are searching the web for information 24/7 and luckily for you – your website is hosted and it works 24/7. You can get pageviews and ad clicks while you sleep. Ad clicks is money, but there are better ways to earn money with blogging, but if you just love writing adsense will do.

To be honest I don’t know how long it takes to grow a blog. I’m writing on this blog 10 months and still get only few views.

I should promote my blog but I’m too lazy.

Since I realized I can make money while writing, this became my obsession, because all in all I can come up with text post for free.

When I was hired to do some freelance writing, I did some writing for other folks. I earned 15€ for 500 word post.

This blog now contains 237,377 words, so if we do the math.

I’ve created 7121.31€ of value. This is how much I would earn if I did this writing for somebody else, but since I didn’t get paid I earned nothing yet.

The difference between freelance writing and blogging is that freelance writing doesn’t require you to think about pageviews, you get paid instantly while blogging requires you to think about pageviews because page views and conversion is what pays you money.

7121.31€ would equal to 17 months working on a minimum wage. I don’t spend 8 hours on my blog, I maybe spend 2 to 4 hours creating content. So I’m in ‘surplus’. Actually I’ve lost money, total spent on this blog is 120€. Two years of hosting.

With each post my blog value increases and I’m here for a long time because I actually dream to make full time income from my blog.

Before you start making money online, you have to grow your audience. Sure it takes a lot of traffic to earn decent income, but currently my goal is 60€ per year, this way I won’t have a loss.

You know. I’m not this guy who knows it all. I do trial and error.

By being a blogger you can write what you want, while being a freelance writer – you need to come up with topics and text other people require and that’s lame.

The goal is to be my own boss and work for myself.

Anyone can start a website and do what I do. It’s easy but it’s a disappointing occupation. Because you need a lot of patience until you’ll write all those articles.

It’s a business, but for me it’s a hobby for fun – if it brings in any cash. It’s nice but if I fail – I’ll lose so much time.

I know I need to do more promotion, but fuck it.

Starting a website is very easy if you know how the computer works. Everything is written on the screen – just read it and follow instructions from other websites.

Start a blog. There is everything you need about starting a blog. I could write my own tutorial, but why write what’s already written, right?

When you have a blog running – you have to populate it with useful content.

Just think about your passions, and write in depth articles or blurbs.

Remember, when writing a blog – you need to think about it’s niche.

It can be movies, weight loss, making money, finances, investment – there are many people who are interested in such articles. You need to pick something that has competition.

You don’t want to start a blog: humans are bots.

You don’t want to invent something, instead you want to pick something that works.

Just grab keywords everywhere plugin for chrome and look at search volume and cost per click, if people pay money for certain keyword then it means that there is a paying market.

If you’re an avid computer user, you’ll know this shit.