Most things that happen to you are the circumstances of your life.

You can’t achieve success if you’re born wrong.

Some people get it easier than others.

That’s why people say life is extremely unfair.

But you can’t whine about that.

Life is life. Most of life is circumstances.

Why bother working hard when success is simply out of your reach?

If you’re a loner – you can’t be successful because you don’t have people who support you.

For a writer it takes to write a vagon of words to be famous – is it worth it? I doubt it.

It’s easier to drop your expectations and do what you do.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a writer or creator – you have to resonate with people.

If you have different opinions than most people. You’ll make more enemies than supporters.

And your success is defined by the supporters you have.

Only few people will actually love what you do.

And that’s your circumstances.

But it doesn’t matter – everyone works with what they have and some people have more than others.

It’s good when people listen to everything you say, but most people won’t care if you’re a nobody.

And it’s a paradox. To be a somebody, people need to care and for people to care, you need to be a somebody. All other ways – you’re a nobody trying to accomplish a big mission – becoming somebody.

Nobody cares about the modern day writer/blogger because the world is filled with books and posts, texts.

If I was a writer – I wouldn’t bother trying hard. Because you can’t compete with the best.

Best are best and you aren’t nowhere near best.

That’s your reality – that’s your circumstances.