Look around yourself – you see all the stuff. That stuff is made by people who are as smart as you. They are no smarter.

This world is a canvas where everyone can invent and create things – if they know how.

This world is made up and everything is thought of by people who have the same IQ as most of us.

Every creative person knows, that creativity is putting stuff outside of your soul. The process is called creativity/art.

To create something – you need to think about yourself good and then the good stuff comes out.

The world is a canvas and most people try to make this place a better one. Some build roads and flats, some write books – everything is created.

You don’t need to be smart to create but you need some technical skills for your art to be good.

Creativity requires a lot of brain power. Logic is also required.

There’s so much you can do in this place and it’s a matter of your preference. What do you like?