Blogging will become more competitive.

If you’re blogging for 10 months and don’t have any decent following like I do, you should know that it will get even harder to retain readers.

Blogging is becoming very competitive and it’s getting more crowded.

The future of blogging will be like this: Most bloggers won’t make any money.

Now when you look at the statistics of bloggers making money – you see that most bloggers make just 10$ per month. That’s funny money.

And we aren’t the best bloggers out there.

If you been making a bit of money. I doubt you’ll ever substitute your day job if you’re living in America.

Somebody has to do the real work because blogging isn’t real work – that’s why I like it.

Sure over the years of blogging you will get more visitors, but it’s a big question if they will convert into customers.

To have a lot of customers you need a highly converting website.

Since I’m not into business. I don’t have a highly converting website, I don’t have my own products, I no longer have ads, I don’t do marketing that’s why my blog is doomed.

I just want to express myself and get some readers, but getting readers will become harder and harder, the future of blogging is 10-100 views per post for an average blogger. That’s even happening today.

There are many people connecting to the web each day and many of them start blogs. There are billions of posts published daily including facebook, twitter, pinterest, vk and other publishing platforms. The competition is fucking stiff.

So most average bloggers like me should forget about making money out of their blogs. It’s been 10 months I made nothing.

That’s why blogging isn’t a real job because it doesn’t pay at all, unless you do serious marketing.

If you have a dream to be a blogger and make money out of it – I think you should forget it, but maybe I’m wrong – you might do business better than me.

If you don’t know what you’re doing – forget it.

Because it’s getting more competitive.

As a hobby, blogging is worth it, but as a business – I really doubt it.