Believing in your own ideas.

Good ideas spread. It costs nothing to come up with idea.

Rather less people believe in their ideas, whenever I ask somebody – do you want to do any projects?

The response is the usual: we need to come up with something great.

It’s the typical response.

But on the other hand, why come up with something great, when a small team of two can’t execute the idea?

Execution is very important, idea – you can steal one, because there are like millions of billions of non executed ideas.

Coming up with something new isn’t the hardest part.

Execution is.

Before you jump to create the most brilliant idea, think about the execution because a good execution of simple idea can do the trick.

We need more executors. There’s plenty of idea generators already.

When you want to make a movie – it starts with a script, the script can go nuts, but if your budget for a movie is just 100$, the execution won’t be hollywoodlike. But if you have a simple script, and your budget is few millions – the idea will be executed better. You haven’t dreamt what execution will be like.

It all starts with your budget, because a team of two can do so little. Creating a movie requires hundred or thousand people. And all of them need money. With 100$ you can’t hire a lot. You can hire maybe one person and that’s it.

That’s why you have to think execution first, ideas will come later.

It’s the execution that matters most. People share their ideas, because most people won’t do shit.