Being interesting.

Being interesting is a tough process, because interest itself is a broad term.

How do you become interesting?

If you’re into matrix hacks, you have less and less like minded people.

Ask somebody on the street: ‘what is the matrix?‘ and most people will tell you it’s a movie, but in all matrix is far more than a movie.

Nobody likes to philosophize.

All in all, philosophy is an interest that has far less people than say sports or cars, cats. Something graspable.

Philosophy isn’t graspable – you can’t grasp philosophy.

To create a philosophy it takes years and years of thinking and times change, so does the philosophy change. When in fact all philosophers were talking about the same thing just with different words.

It takes a lot of philosophers to change the light bulb because philosophy isn’t doing, it’s thinking and thinkers can’t do shit without doing. A philosopher can’t come up with a ‘thing’ because he’s not an engineer.

Philosophers create brain food. And other philosophers consume it.

Philosophy is a rare interest.

Most serious questions in life aren’t answered yet, but if a person tries to philosophize, he won’t come up with anything new because simply it’s impossible to think through all human thought that’s why people pick practical things, not theoretical.

We live in a practical world and we need practical solutions to improve our world. Theories don’t improve the world, unless it’s a theory about a practical thing.

It doesn’t make a difference if we are living in the matrix or not. It changes nothing. Same as philosophizing about death, life and other crap. It’s sure fun to be thinking about that, at least for me. But those things don’t change a fact that you need to fulfil your body’s demands (eat, shit, drink, repeat) here you go – it’s the basis of all life forms that move.

That said, you become interesting by giving people what they want. And most people, who don’t philosophize, talk shit and garbage.