Achieving high results.

I know work can be stressful, but all in all we need to achieve the highest results.

We do that by efficiently working.

Cut down on all that crap that’s inefficient. It’s not worth your time and effort.

Being efficient.

It’s said that 20% of our work produces 80% of results. We sure want to be efficient, fast and effective.

We want to use a small amount of resources, to produce the biggest amount of benefits.

And that’s hard to achieve. It’s called minmaxing.

When you take small amount of time, or whatever, and produce high amount of results.

Quitting procrastination.

I’m a big procrastinator when it comes to doing home chores, in fact most of the time I don’t do them, my mother does while I focus on some serious blog building.

If I will procrastinate for a day, my end results will drop. Since I don’t have a boss who yells at me and tells me what to do – I have to be productive by myself if I want to achieve some results.

You should stop procrastinating, if you want to achieve something in life.

Being the best.

Being the best expert in your field is really hard. Because the world is so competitive and it will be more competitive later. It’s really hard but don’t let that stop you.

I know you can be the best in your field if you will put some efficient effort into it.

Everyone can be good, but it requires a lot of competence to be the best expert in your field.

How you become the best? By trial and error.

When you hit the peak.

If somehow you hit the peak of your work results – it’s time to outsource things and let other professionals take care of those 80% of your work.

There’s so little you can do alone.

Every successful human needs help and there are tons of companies who are willing to help you out for cash. You should exploit that if you have cash.

Because these days the output matters. The more you produce the better results you get. Of course, it has to be quality you’re producing.

Anyone can achieve high results.

If you’re super productive, you don’t procrastinate and spend time managing your priorities – you can achieve a lot, but it takes enormous amount of energy.

If you want to achieve high results – you need to be a busy person.

We need more busy people.


Being an overachiever is a choice. It’s hard but it’s worth it because you want to enjoy the result you get. You can be a high achiever in a company or you can work for yourself – it doesn’t matter as long as you achieve high results and help other people out.