778253 words left.

It’s said that a person who starts to write has to write one million words.

1 000 000 words is practise.

When you’ve wrote one million words, wipe it, and start over. Because you’ve done your practise.

I crafted 221747 words on this blog so far.

Over my life I maybe have written one million words but I don’t want to count what I wrote on other platforms. Let’s have a little reset.

I assume I’ll have written one million words on this blog after another 3 years. It took me almost 10 months to write 221747 words.

That’s not too shabby.

In writing words do count. And writing one million words is a tough challenge. After one million words – you’re a writer.

Nobody can tell you that you suck after you’ve finished your 1 million words. Writing takes a lot of time and it’s a good practice to keep writing every day.

I try, most of the time, to write every day, but sometimes I feel burnt out.

So it’s good to take a break and recharge your writing ability.

Don’t force yourself to write every day. Write when you feel like it, because when you feel like it – your written text will be better.

Writing is a hobby. You’ll probably won’t make any money out of it because the competition is big. Everyone is a writer these days. And there are less and less readers who read.

My writing is still average – this blog is to put my thoughts, I doubt I will earn money from it – but who knows. I just have to write better.