2 reasons to keep a blog.

Money doesn’t come easy with a blog, you have to work hard and sell something. Either stuff, or services. Donations don’t work, because most people don’t surf the web to spend money.

Back in the day, when I started writing [7 years ago, on various blogging platforms] I haven’t met much people, of course I got some comments, but people have forgot me.

By biggest win so far was with Youtube.

Youtube had expanded my network. Helped to earn some money. That’s cool.

But let’s talk about blogs.

Back in the day I wrote my lithuanian blog for two years and it was a waste of time. Once I was viral, people came to my blog, read a bit and then instantly moved on to read something else. I believe my blog is crap but whatever.

All in all I write with good means.

Two reasons to keep a blog.

  1. You keep your friends and people who know you updated.
  2. You expand your network.

People are searching for various information online. And sometimes they can stumble on your blog, leave a comment and give some cash [that rarely happens].

My worst mistakes in blogging were to write in Lithuanian instead of English language. And the second mistake, was starting blogs to do some business. Third mistake was to write not in my blog, but in medium.com, steemit.com, quora.com.

Writing for me is a hobby. I doubt people love my posts. Somebody called me arrogant, although I’m not arrogant. I’m just cool.

Doesn’t matter who you are – you have at least one fan, who will read your stuff.

And that’s awesome. The worst part is that nobody of your friends and close relatives care what you have to say. My best friend, he doesn’t watch my videos, nor he reads my blog. And that’s lame man.

All in all, people who read your blog are simply stalkers, who like to stalk what you do in life. That’s a hobby for some people.

A typical blog that’s meant for personal use gets around 10-100 views per day. Not because it’s a bad blog, but because most bloggers don’t do any marketing – just like me. I just write what I want and that’s it. People will find your blog if it’s interesting – but pros say you need to market it, whatever man.

People who know you, if they need you, they will find you in your blog.

When you have a blog, you become easy to find. Because your blog is your main page. When I wrote my lithuanian blog, my relatives said it’s good and they can’t imagine why such good blog isn’t read by people. I guess most people like to read garbage not ‘philosophy’.

You know what I don’t like about the pros? They do their own backlinks. Whilst I don’t do my own backlinks. If it’s good people will find it. Because even now, people are finding it.

Personally, I write to express myself and not to impress people. Impressing people is like really hard.

Writing’s good when you have something to say.

Imagine a guy, who’s being shut up by their friends. Writing can let you talk about things you want, not things somebody else wants.

It’s not about being bad or good, it’s about being yourself.

Over the years of blogging and vlogging. I realized people don’t like me. I probably made more enemies than friends. But whatever.

If you’re exceptional, people will ignore you at first. the they’ll laugh at you, then they fight you and then you win.

Being myself is really easy for me. I realized that I don’t like much people because when you’re around people you have to fit in. And fitting in isn’t my cup of tea.

I like standing out.

You know, I noticed that. If people do something, I do the opposite.

If most people are working, I won’t work.

If most people aren’t writers, I will write.

If most people didn’t work, I would work.

Because I just like being the opposite.

I just like being this hikikomori rebel, I sure don’t go out with guns to kill people. But I like independent thought. It’s said that most people are sheep and followers. I rarely follow anybody.

If most people are doers, I will be a thinker. Thinking is as hard as doing.

Having a blog is a good way to keep in touch with people, although most people hate me for no fucking reason.

I realized, most people hate me because I don’t work. And they have to. I can sleep as long as I want. I can stay up late. I would work if the market would give me something I want. But since the market doesn’t care about me. I don’t care about the market.

I don’t like the fact. That I have to do something for other people to earn money. I would rather do things that fulfil me. I like doing things for myself.

Work and money will never end. So I’ll work someday when I’m old, but I noticed people earn from their passions. Even gamers, they sit and play games and earn cash – that’s ridiculous because they’re not doing anything productive, they just speedrun the same game over and over.

While some people do what they like and earn money, other people have to do various shit to earn money and that’s not fair.

You don’t have to like me, but it’s a fact.

Blogging is a good way to keep in touch with people.

I believe that someday I’ll have enough readers to support my lifestyle.

I just don’t want to sell anything. I have nothing to offer. Just my texts which I can produce for free. And I hope if i’ll have enough readers, people will drop me some coin. If not – fuck it.

People say that blogging is a valid method to earn money, but as I said I don’t want to sell anything. If donations won’t work. I’ll sell ads on my blog. That’s not a big deal.

The hardest part is to grow your traffic.

And I believe that writing rare things would be better for my blog than writing the same shit everyone else is writing like: sports, shredding pounds, cats and other shit.

Since most people are followers, they will follow somebody who’s extraordinary. But I’m just like you all guys, there’s nothing extraordinary about me.

I found out over the years, that men attract men readers, and women attract women readers/watchers/consumers. And that’s kinda gay.