Why it’s hard to enjoy life.

I remember I had a fish in a small aquarium. And then I flushed it.

I had some crows, dogs, cats, rats and other animals and you know why people differ from animals?

Animals are truly equal, they come with nothing to the world.

When you compare yourself to animals – it’s easy to enjoy your life.

But as soon as you start to compare yourself to successful human beings. It all goes to shit.

Everybody’s shouting look at what I have. There are Youtube channels of people who do nothing but show off.

It makes me envious.

People want to be greater than other people.

It’s hard to enjoy life when you get blinded by flashy things of other people.

That’s why animals are better companions than human beings.

I’m done trying to achieve things. I never wanted to achieve anything. All I wanted to be was heard. But now I don’t care since none of you fuckers are my friends.

I’m done trying to impress people.

I guess everybody’s for himself. Fuck capitalism.

Capitalism made people the enemy. The main competitor. You gotta outblast everybody if you want to be successful.

And being successful will become harder and harder each year.

People look at you with pity when you don’t have anything. I noticed that.

You eat a bit and then you die – that’s life.

Nobody cares about the simple people. I sure don’t. Fuck starving children. Fuck North Korea. Fuck Afghanistan.

Life would be better if there was no money. You’re born into the city and what do you have? Nothing, that’s right – no resources, no nothing.

And then they say – go to work. Since everybody is working.

Sell your goddamn time. To some fucking employer. Make the world a better place. Man, fuck work. It’s not worth the grind.

And there aren’t any easy jobs. Jobs are fucking hard. Working is hard.

Why there aren’t any solutions for people who don’t want to work?

Everybody hates their job. There is no satisfaction in work.

Then again rich people, who own the world make you their slave. I don’t work but I don’t feel free. Since smart people took all the resources – you can’t even fish for free. Gotta buy a ticket.

This world is so stupid. Retards on every corner.

There are more and more people who hate people. You can’t exclude me.

Rich and powerful people made a shithole out of this planet, they made everybody their servant. How come 10% of people own 90% of money – why is that?

How can you enjoy life when this shithole isn’t fair?

I see no opportunities. Just chillax at home. Because you need money to go outside – you gotta pay for every single thing outside. You even have to pay money to stay inside…

There is no joy when you want something.

The only way to enjoy your life is to drop your wants and stay away from work. Money is for posers.