Why I don’t write new books.

I saw what it means to be a writer. Nobody cares if I’ll write a new book.

Nobody wants to pay me money for my books.

Everybody wants to listen to new books for free and people sometimes ask me when does my new book come out.

Publishers won’t print my books. People won’t buy my books.

And in writing there’s no money. At least for me.

i’m disappointed in this writing thing.

Writers have to write a lot to be famous. And I’m not writing any new books, because I’ve never earned while writing Lithuanian books.

All Lithuanians read translated books, because Lithuania itself doesn’t have any normal books. Except mine.

It’s said that writers should read, but personally me – I don’t read. Therefore I’m a lousy writer. If I read blogs, then I should write blogs.

I don’t want to write new books, because there’s no profit in it.

Writing a book and making few sales is ridiculous. The job isn’t worth the reward.

That said. Until I’ll have an audience I won’t write any books. Now my audience is very small and I can’t earn a decent income.

Personally me, I don’t sell anything. If I have a product that’s decent – people still won’t buy it.

I have some books in amazon kindle, but these books are in my blog. Those books are in public domain.

I’m done writing books.