Whiteboard animations.

I tried videoscribe, and it’s cool that you can make a video in under 10 minutes. The trial version of videoscribe doesn’t let you to export videos in mp4 so I filmed my screen with OBS.

OBS is a nice software.

It doesn’t lag on windows.

Anyway I’m feeling good, monday I’m going to visit my doctor and do the Xeplion injection.

My schizo is stabilized. I don’t want to go to the mental hospital anymore.

Now that my blog isn’t daily. I wanted to tell you that I’ll update it sometime. So you better subscribe to get my updates into your inbox.

Or visit one time per week.

I was considering to make bald head porn website, but I’ve read an article that you can’t compete with huge companies who spend money on advertising.

Original content is what counts.

If people don’t link to your content that means that your content sucks.

Online everything is instant. Online offers us instant gratification.

If you put up a video on youtube and it got <50 views, that means your videos simply suck.

I saw channels on youtube who have few subscribers, but their videos get one to few million views.

It’s not the algorithm that’s bad. It’s the content.

People should link to your content if it’s good. Or reupload it with modifications. I was viral I know that it takes 1 day to get famous, but then fame fades. I guess everybody’s famous for 15 minutes.

Only the best can survive the game of entertainment.