Which company should you choose if you want to be a salesman.

Sales are great. I bet you love sales.

When thinking about your new career – you need to think about the company which suits you best.

When looking for a new company to work in – you need to consider the following.

Does the company have high margins on their products?

Does the company have high volume of products sold?

All you need is a high margin and high volume sold.

That’s your ideal company.

You don’t want to work in companies which have low margin and low volume products sold.

Because with low volume – you’ll be making one or two sales per year.

With low margin – you will be selling a lot of stuff that barely lets you make ends meet.

As Grant Cardone told – you need a company that has high volume and high margins – these are the best companies to work in.

High volume and high margins – will blow up your pocket with that sweet casherino.

High volume means that products have a huge demand in the market.

You don’t want to waste your time working in companies which don’t have high volume and high margins.