Upgrading to Ubuntu 19.04.

Few days ago I installed Ubuntu 18.04 LTS from minimal image.

Now I noticed there’s an upgrade.

So I’m upgrading my system to Ubuntu 19.04.

I like linux, Ubuntu is sure easy to use.

The only downside to linux is that the Cheese app lags a lot, the voice isn’t synced to video.

There are no other downsides to Ubuntu. Maybe I haven’t found them yet.

Ubuntu is a nice operating system and it costs nothing to install. Unlike the chromebook I used. Ubuntu has no ads. And this is a big upside.

I don’t play games – so I don’t need gaming support.

While talking about games. I have ‘Oxygen Not Included game’ but it lags on linux. I didn’t install official Nvidia drivers.

Say yay, for the upgrade.