Tried Arch Linux, Fedora 30.

I’m not a big pro when it comes to linux.

I tried to install Arch Linux as my system, but when I saw the installer – I said fucking, it’s too difficult.

Then I installed Fedora 30. I failed to install Chrome on it, then I switched back to Windows 7.

Man, why Linux is so lame. Windows 7 is better than Ubuntu, Debian, Arch, Fedora because it’s mostly hassle free.

The only difficulty on Windows 7 are the drivers.

But there’s software called ‘Driver Solution Pack 2019‘ it installs all the required drivers. So there are no longer problems with drivers as it used to be years ago, when you had to manually install the drivers. Now everything is automatic.

It’s good software, but you have to uncheck few options. Because it installs Avast antivirus, Opera browser and Firefox – and other stuff – you have to uncheck that.

I’m happy with my new computer.

Windows Score of my new computer

It ranked 5,2 on the Windows scoring system, mainly due to low graphics card. And the Hard disk is low. The hard this burrs, it’s probably a bad disk, but I don’t mind that because I don’t store any files on my system – you can hack me – my computer is empty.

I’m doing fine – did many installs and system tests this week, but I’m going to stop with Windows 7. Don’t need any Linux.

Best Linux so far is Google Chrome OS – didn’t have any problems with it. The only issues on the computer was a small SSD disk 16GB. The next issue was the poor app choice even with Android enabled. Some of the Android games used to crash. But that’s fine I don’t use much software.

See ya.