Time is ticking.

There’s less and less time to achieve our goals.

But if you were a writer for 3 years and nothing happened

Then it’s about time to forget writing unless you really like it.

These days, online, everything is instantaneous.

You don’t have to write years until you’ll get famous.

People choose what they want to read themselves. You can’t force people to read your shit.

Writing is like masturbation. It’s good when you write, but to watch what you do is disgusting.

I forgot already about fame and glory. I just do it because I like it – it’s been 7 years, maybe more. What did I get? Nothing. Couple of bucks – that’s it.

I like to give away for free what I write. I see no profit in writing.

Probably writers must get better. Otherwise there’s nothing happening.

But then again, why whine when nothing happens?

I guess there’s time when you have to whine and there’s time when you write good stories. Everything – it’s all about life.

Time is ticking, we’re getting older and there’s less and less time to achieve our goals.

The story goes with writers that fame comes after you die.

But these days, everyone who’s dead – is forgotten.

You don’t need fame after you’re dead. Leave the dead alone.

Where the fuck people are when you need them?

Nobody cares. Ask yourself – do you care about all those mediocre writers when you don’t know them? Sure you don’t.

Who gives a fuck about the writings of mediocre and invisible people. Who gives a fuck about success of unknown people.

Most people envy the rich. And hope that some rich dude will spill the secret to money making.

People dream about millions of dollars when they can’t make one dollar.

I don’t care. Used to watch those videos of rich guys, but I learned absolutely nothing. Watching videos is a waste of time. The audience of rich people is the same as you and me. A nobody.

People who want to be rich. But then again being rich isn’t for everybody. That shit’s to much responsibility. And it’s hard.

It’s easier in America – I think.

Sure it would be great to be a native American, then I could put my writings in kindle and some dollars would drop in.

But fuck it – I’m to lazy and there’s no time to try hard. Better to enjoy life which you already have.