This video inspired me to repay my debt.

Good video

I have 600€~ debt.

If I would repay it with my disability paycheck it would last only 3 months. Now my debt is going on till 2024-2025. I pay 7€ per month.

So this video reminded me that I can become wealthy even without working. It’s a matter of putting my money into the safe place.

So next 3 months I’m going to repay my debt. Next I’m creating another bank account and saving my money. After one year I plan to invest my money into a mutual fund.

I guess some people know the secret to wealth. I don’t.

I took a loan to fund my bachelors degree, but I quit university after 2 months of studying. It was too hard. I wanted to be a programmer.

Now you can learn programming for free at freecodecamp. And I’m lazy to learn – I guess I never was meant to be a coder.

I’m kinda good with computers but I would love to be a system admin. Not a programmer.

If I had to make a choice between computer technician and programmer – I would choose programming. Programming is ever lasting bug fixing.

I made a mistake by taking a loan. They returned me half of the money and I spent it on Microlab solo 7 speakers and went to vacation with my girlfriend. I guess that’s right. Or maybe I was already broke up with her. I don’t recall.

Anyway this video made me want to repay my debt and save some of my money. Hope you enjoy the video.