There’s too much blogs.

People say write quality posts, but the problem is that there’s too much blogs on the planet, if everyone would write quality content, then you would need quantity.

There isn’t any difference if you write quality or if you write quantity.

Writing unique and amazing content is really hard, but anyway.

I’m writing quantity, because what’s the point writing amazing content, when there’s just too much blogs?

1 blog for 7 people, if you get 7 people on your blog, you’ve got enough people.

Just keep answering peoples questions. And maybe you’ll find a gold mine.

Neil Patel says, enable comments and respond to comments, but what’s the point? When you have just so little traffic, the comments won’t flow in.

Most comments people leave are simply irrelevant.

Why write a blog, when today everybody’s on Facebook?

I bought another year of hosting for my blog, will be writing my blog, but people need something different.

I found out some guy was blogging 6 months and he already has 10000+ visitors.

People find new blogs instantly, just like people find new Youtube videos.

If nobody reads your blog – you’re most likely writing shit. Just like me.

Personally I don’t care about the reads, reads don’t fill my pocket.

All I care is having a space where people can find me if they want.

I’m online, hooray.

Now what?