The market doesn’t care about you.

It’s tempting to believe we are special, but the truth is that the market doesn’t care about you, nor me. It’s all about them and their problems.

The market won’t pay you money to solve your problems. The market will pay to solve their problems.

Money is always changing hands and the truth is – you’re never going to earn if you don’t solve any problems.

Back in the day I used to reinstall computer Windows for profit but those days are gone. Now I’m just reinstalling for friends. I have zero customers now.

I quit doing this business because it’s a dead business.

Now we have to solve other people problems and there are plenty problems to solve. But when you’re good for nothing – you don’t know where to start. Personally me – I don’t like solving other people’s problems, even for profit. It’s kinda lame. I’m out of business.

Instead I like doing my problems and solving my problems and currently my problem is – how to survive with 221€ per month.

How to repay debt. How to save some money. How to invest – these are the problems I want to tackle on. And believe me – I’m not the one having these problems.

I have this problem – how to survive without money. I know you can make a buck or two on the side, but it’s a hard trip.

Instead of counting money. I count people who like what I do – one time donation is fine. I don’t ask a lot.

But I guess it takes a lot of time to get your ‘business’ rolling some folks say that they give away 98% of their content for free. I want to give away 100% – I don’t need your email as long as you read my blog.

The market doesn’t care about you, nor me.

People have their problems and our duty is to solve them.

Now I’m poor – have 5€ in my saving account. That’s not a lot – but next month I’m 31 years old and I have to think very hard how to make more money. How to save money. How to repay my debt. My debt is currently 615€. That’s not a lot of debt. I can repay it in 3-6 months if I wanted to and I gonna repay it.

30 years I lived without thinking about the future but it’s time to think. Over the course of 30 years I didn’t save any money. Just got into students debt. I took money and was thinking on becoming a programmer. But I quit university after 2 months. They gave me back half of my money and I’ve spent it. On garbage. Although the speakers are good – they still work.

I want to make my mom proud – you know. I’m not an asshole. I just have bad luck with money, because I never pursued money. I pursued not working. And you can say that I never worked.

I always wanted to do my own shit, but my own shit rarely pays. I’m good at writing and I started a blog you’re reading now. This is a great blog but it won’t solve your problems – because yet I didn’t solve my problems.

When I’ll solve my problems – then your problems will be solved.

The market doesn’t care about you, nor me. Period.

If you want your problems to be solved – pay in cash.