Solving your financial problems step by step.

The truth is that to repay debt you have to have an income.

You can’t repay debt if you have no money coming your way.

This is a tricky quest to get the ball rolling with online ‘business’. I have made some money online and I’m convinced that I can do better.

First step is to repay your debt, but you can’t repay debt if you don’t have any income. So step zero is to get income.

You can increase your income by writing an ebook and uploading it to kindle, but to be frank I can say that competition on kindle is stiff. It’s hard to compete on kindle unless you write a fucking masterpiece.

I wrote couple short books on kindle and I earn 2€ per month. Although I didn’t try hard. I could increase my book count but I’m too lazy.

The next method that I earned money is by selling t-shirts. I earned some but that’s not enough – nobody here in Lithuania buys my t-shirts so I quit selling t-shirts although I have them uploaded to teespring.

Then I made youtube videos and this was the biggest reward. Although I didn’t earn through Google Adsense, I earned through donations.

Donations so far is my biggest income online. People choose themselves when to donate. I don’t ask for donations aggressively I just have my links up.

Then there’s this blog. This blog is doing poor moneywise. So I made it a not profit blog and I give away my 100% content for free. It’s still donation based. It’s not a business.

Anyway I saw that there’s potential to earn money online. I know folks do it faster than I’m doing, but I’m not competing here with the majority of bloggers.

Writers should forget about earning money from their writing – as Seth Godin told.

So the only way to get an income is to get a job. Not everybody can work online and make an income. Online thing is really hard.

So repaying your debt is the first step. Then you want to save up 1000€ in case of an emergency. This would be your second step.

The next step is to set up a retirement fund. I don’t care if you’re in your 20s or 30s like I am. Retirement fund is good.

Then when you have retirement fund set up – you can invest in mutual funds.

I’m not an investment guru. So don’t ask me in which mutual funds to invest. I’m starting to do this from next month and I’ll have you updated.

But to be sure you need to do step zero and step one. At first.

Have a savings account – check, I’ve done that just today. I needed to do it earlier in my life. But whatever.

My financial education is low. This is what I’ve learned from online videos. I know watching a video or reading a blog post won’t solve your problems if you don’t have any income. Sell some shit and you’ll see that anybody can increase their income.

Speaking about income – my income is 221€ from disability paycheck. That’s not a lot. But I know I can solve my financial problems with this money. It’s just a matter of time. I think I’ll repay my debt and save up 1000€ after 8 months.

I have so little money to work with that’s ridiculous, but you have to start somewhere. 30 years I didn’t care about money – let 31 year be different.

And I’m writing this blog to keep you all updated.

It sucks to have debt – and it was a mistake to take the students loan. I was young and stupid. It’s better to be uneducated than having debt. University’s degree won’t guarantee you a job.

All in all you have to have demanded skills. If you have something that is needed by majority of people – you will earn money. If you don’t then start a blog and learn some shit.