Solving one problem at a time.

When you start out on a business venture it might be tempting to solve all your customer problems at once.

But that rarely works unless you have a buttload of employees.

If you’re in a situation like me, have some friends who don’t want to work with you and rarely support your dream it might be hard to outsource or find employees when you have no money.

So you’re left alone.

Online business is easy to start. It costs just a hundred dollars to get started but it costs to maintain a business.

When starting an online business – focus on solving a complete package of problems. Your customers have lots of problems and it’s better to pick a niche – where you’ll be the go to expert.

So you’re alone – what do you do?

I believe you know something if you read this post. That ‘something’ must be packed into a product – it may be a book or a course. As long as it’s sellable. Your customers want to buy products from you.

Imagine there’s a guy who wants to start a business but he has no knowledge. He has no friends and his financial background is terrible – but he wants to change all of that.

So if you want to start a business around that problem. You have to think like a newbie and think through all the problems that person might have.

It’s said that bloggers should write for 5 year old’s. Because new people in the niche might not have the same knowledge as you do.

So you start by solving the fundamental problems and always go into the deeper level and deeper understanding. It’s not worth to buy a course on online marketing or business – because you’ll lose money doing that. Remember – you want to earn.

You start earning by creating some measurable value.

So if you’re a blogger you start blogging about the fundamental problems that guy might have. It’s saving money. repaying debt. Investing, writing – as a business owner – you should focus on solving problems one by one.

It’s your choice what niche to pick. You’re the one who’s deciding.

But always start to write about the fundamentals. That a person who comes into your website, or company had all the support he might need. It’s said that blogs who tackle on even the simplest things and problems are better. Your reader, your customer always has the lesser knowledge. That’s why he needs you and your ‘company’.

Think through every problem your customer might have and build your webpage and products around that. The more problems and outlooks you take the better for you and your website.

People have a lot of problems and starting a business is just one of them. These days everybody wants to be a businessman and everybody thinks that business is easy, but in fact it’s hard when you actually want to do it.

The deeper your tutorials and guidance the better for the reader, the customer.

You want to always start at level beginner. And solve those problems all the way to advanced – professional level, if you are a professional.

Your duty as a writer or blogger, or business owner is to teach your customers how to be as good as you are. There’s always demand for new tutorials and new knowledge – since the world is always advancing. And what worked 20-50 years ago doesn’t work today. That’s why there’s need for new knowledge.

Everybody wants to be up to date.

So if you follow the news and stay with trends you won’t have the problem to guide people towards financial or professional or personal success.

If you ever played guitar – you know that teachers always start from the E or D chords because that’s the fundamental chords and most songs have those chords.

If you ever did knitting – you know that teachers always start from putting the thread on the needle – just because that’s the fundamental of knitting and sewing.

If you ever did computers – you know that all computer knowledge starts from installing the windows – because that’s the fundamental.

When you have fundamentals set and done – you can become a beginner or advanced or even a professional, but you can’t become a pro when you have no fundamental knowledge. That’s why fundamental knowledge is the basis of all knowledge. You can’t build a roof if you don’t have any fundament.

That said – I can only tell that your first blog post should be introduction and the next one should be the first fundamental of the niche or profession you are in.

When you solve a problem – you want to solve all the problems in the niche so that your knowledge base would be the to go place for all the wannabe experts.