Producing good content.

The audience isn’t the problem, the problem is the lack of good content.

Most online content is simply said, mediocre.

And the popular posts, they follow certain format.

As long as you write content and it doesn’t follow the format of web content – you’re articles will never go viral.

First year or so, you should get familiar with web format.

You should spectate writers and authors who have made it.

And try to apply the same format for your posts.

Because in online writing the format matters a lot.

If writing, vlog, podcast don’t follow the specific format – chances of it getting viewers is lesser.

But also keep in mind that you can develop your own format, it’s just a matter of time when people will start to notice your work.

Everyone can become a millionaire, but a lot of people are just too slow.

It takes a lot of time to develop your daily routine and your work outlet.

Just say: “at this place we do things like this” and some people might like it, but most won’t even care.

Writers attract only a small fraction of readers. There’s maybe 1% of writers who attract huge audiences of people, the rest attract only a small fraction of readers.

You’ll never know what your writing is worth unless you’ll try it.

So keep producing great content.