Not writing another book.

Whenever I sit down to write another book, I have this feeling that I’ll do this work for no reason. My books had some readers.

I figured that I don’t want to write a new book, because myself I don’t read books. Reading books is a waste of time. It’s better to read blogs.

But bloggers made blogs suck. Now everything is made professionally.

I love casual writing.

I figure that I’ll better find new readers for my old books rather than writing a new book.

I’m kinda have a writer’s block.

I can write few lines here and there, but writing a long book that has to make some sense is a difficult task.

I get this feeling that “AIIIII VPIZDU“. I always say that, because writing books is a hard task. Its way easier to write a casual blog nobody reads.

All writers must read, but me, personally I don’t even listen to audio books. Because it’s long and it sucks.

I’m done writing books. Blog is way to go.

I lost the hope to earn money with my blog. Writing is a dumb, disappointing occupation but I like it.

If I didn’t like to write it would be better, because writing is a curse.

You sit like a motherfucker at your computer and write these letters nobody reads. It’s a misery.

Writing is okay, but it yields no profit.

I have to admit – there are way better writers than I am and I kinda respect them because they can do it better than me.

It’s been 7 years I’m writing junk.

Man. Fuck it.

I wish I wasn’t creative because my creativity sucks.

Since I’m getting a new computer maybe I’ll go back to creating music, but the applications cost a lot of money. I guess I’m gonna use a pirated software. I don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to create music nobody’s going to listen.

And maybe I won’t be creating music, because it’s just to much of effort and work.

I don’t know.

Why I keep on doing this shit?

What’s the point?

I should forget about being famous.

I just like to drip fast thoughts into my blog. That’s the best I can do.

I realized I’m good for nothing – a joke.

People don’t like me.