My system crashed.

I was hoping that ubuntu is a stable system, but as I installed OBS my system started crashing – so I lost my patience and installed windows 7.

Ubuntu sucks. It’s a lame and not stable system.

I tried installing debian, but debian wasn’t stable also.

Fuck linux.

The best linux distro that doesn’t crash is Chrome OS. That comes with Chromebook computer – other linux distros – suck ass.

I’m pissed that my linux system didn’t work.

Windows can run more apps than Linux Ubuntu or Debian.

No wonder many people use Windows and not Linux on desktop.

Android and Chrome OS are the best systems for computers, next comes Windows 7 and the rest stuff is crap.

Also. Windows 10 is a skin.

I haven’t tried mac os. Macs are great too.

People who hate macs probably are the ones who didn’t use macs.

Way to go Apple and Google – fuck windows.

I heard that new windows is going to be linux. But I just heard they will call it winux.