It’s the 9 month I’m doing this shit.

Time flies fast when you’re having fun.

I made 0 bucks with this blog, probably my blog recipe is bad.

But anyway, it’s a non profit blog.

9 months of writing in this blog, my traffic is just 40-70 visits per day.

Too shabby.

Anyway. I want to take a break because I feel exhausted. I just don’t know what to write about. Guess this blog won’t be a daily blog. Just don’t know how Yann can do it.

To me it seems hard to write every day. I want my posts to be unique, something great is yet to be told.

I guess my blog won’t work out, but anyway. A lot of readers is a lot of readers – you can’t argue with that. The more readers – the better the blog.

Simple writing’s won’t make any money.

I don’t posses any superior knowledge and don’t write tips.

Fuck it.

Cheers to next 9 months.