It doesn’t matter how much you earn if you don’t save.

I have this friend who has been working for 10 or 12 years, he has debt like all modern people have. And he sometimes borrows money from me. When I have the money.

You see, if you’ve been working for some time. I would ask you – how much money do you got?

And most would say none if that’s the end of the month.

Because most people live from paycheck to paycheck – nobody really has the money because all the money is spent.

If you save the money that’s a different topic. But if you don’t you’re poor. As I told saving money is much easier than earning it.

Jobs are fucking hard and it’s hard to make money with a job. I worked 3 months at my friend but he kicked me out. I had the money but I didn’t save. In fact I didn’t save 30 years and I have to admit I’m poor.

But look on the brighter side. You worked 10-12 years and have nothing and I worked just 3 months, you can say that I didn’t work at all and I have nothing too.

I didn’t put the effort to have nothing – you see.

Money spent is money spent. It’s wasted money and Warren Buffet told don’t lose your money is the number one rule for having money.

Losing money is easy – I don’t want to tell you that you suck for losing money, but imagine over the course of 10 years you would have saved 100€ from each paycheck – that’s 12000€ in your pocket and if you had invested that money you had more – but now you’ve wasted that cash.

You want to work so you would have cash, if you want to have nothing – don’t work – quit your job, don’t do any hustles and you’ll have nothing. Having nothing is easy, but having something from nothing is hard.

Don’t let those dream life sellers fool you – earning money is hard. If you’ve worked at least 3 days in your life – you know that waking up early is the hardest part and if your co-workers suck that’s even lamer.

If you’ve been unemployed like I have – your best bet is to create your job, but to create one you have to twist your fucking brain. Creating jobs is harder than going to one that’s already been created for you and you don’t have to twist your mind.

You see. Working pays just when you work. So you have to think how to create a system which works for you and you can earn money when you sleep – but man that’s a difficult story, maybe next time.

Don’t be stupid save your cash, repay your debt and invest money, otherwise you’ll be living from paycheck to paycheck and you will depend on your job. Sucks to be kicked out of work when you have massive debt to repay.