How to get rich when you are poor.

First thing is to get yourself some sort of income.

If you’ll follow my blog I will show you how I make money.

I’m starting with my disability paycheck which is 221€.

If you can acquire such money – you can follow my journey from rags to riches. I don’t promise you a billion dollars, but we will do our best with such money.

Your second step is to create a savings account in your bank or elsewhere. It’s your choice where to put your money – make sure it’s secure. Banks are pretty good option.

I created my savings account in my bank.

When you have created your saving account drop some amount of your money into the savings account as soon as you get your income.

Rule number one – pay yourself first.

After years and years of trial and error I can say that saving money is easier than earning it.

When you have paid yourself – next step is to drop some coin into your debt. Repaying your debt should be your second priority.

Currently I have 615€ debt. I will get rid of debt in 3-6 months.

If you don’t have any income – read this.

If you don’t have any debt – good for you. You can advance the ladder faster.

If you have more than 221€ per month you can save up more – good for you.

My first goal is to save up 1000€ and repay 615€ debt.

Then we will advance towards other stuff.