How to find joy in everyday life.

First you got to define what happiness and joy is for you.

If your joy isn’t defined, it will be a hard time to achieve this goal.

Personally for me joy is having money and being wealthy – I haven’t achieved that. For me pursuing a goal is joy.

If that’s not you I don’t know what to offer.

It’s said that money is the best antidepressant.

But many wealthy people say that you can’t find happiness with money, but guess again – money won’t make you sad.

Maybe it’s love, harmony.

Personally for me love is in the second place. I have a dog to love and take care off.

Joy and happiness have to be defined.

People are beings who can’t settle. You got to draw a line of what is enough. I don’t say settle for less. But don’t forget where you came from.

Being happy becomes really hard when you compare yourself to greater human beings. It’s better to look at people who are doing worse than you. Give them some change.

People always look upwards, but guess what – those people who you’re looking up to give zero fucks about you because nobody looks down.

You become joyful when you can live up to your standards. If you raise your standards too high and you can’t achieve it – you will be miserable.

If you can’t achieve your high standards, then you have to lower your standards and most importantly drop your expectations – this world owes you nothing.

If you want a hustle – you must twist your brains to find a hustle that is worth doing and fits your skills. It’s not worth to think about ideas you can’t accomplish. Remember that you might never have the life you want. So it’s better to live by this day.

Everyday life is routine – if you’re living and doing someone’s chores – you won’t be happy. I guess.

All people want to live by their own terms, but first you have to decide what terms they are.

Happiness comes from enjoying your life. But if you don’t have any goals – what are your pursuing? Add yourself a daily goal, it might be a challenge.

As a human, if you’re active and extrovert – you want to be out there, chasing somebody – remember that all coyotes need their roadrunners, because if you aren’t chasing anything – then you simply degenerate.

Define what joy is for you. Maybe it’s a million bucks you can spend on bitches and yachts. Maybe it’s career success. Maybe it’s family and children.

Every human being has a blueprint of his life. If your life matches the blueprint – you will be happy, but if your blueprint doesn’t match your life – you will be miserable. So then change your blueprint.

You got to make a decision here. Maybe you’re like me – you don’t like to try hard the stuff that doesn’t interest you, but maybe you have one thing that just clicks and you can grind it. Maybe it’s driving. Think of ways how you can spend more time driving. Maybe you can make money driving. Maybe you can have sex in a car – it’s up to you.

We all choose our blueprint of life. But the secret is that the blueprint has to match your life and you have two options – try hard to achieve the blueprint or change the blueprint – it’s your choice, if you want to be happy.