How can you get rich without a job.

I have this problem. I don’t want to work but I want money. How do I solve this problem?

It’s all about the hustle baby.

The first step is to get some income going on. It can be your disability check or unemployment check – we get these in Lithuania.

You gotta start somewhere, so follow my blog if you want to get some money saved, repay your debt and invest in mutual funds.

You got to get income somewhere. I don’t know sell your shit.

Try creating some art and sell it on etsy, write a book on amazon kindle.

Without a job means working online for yourself. Because if you can’t solve any problems – you will never ever make money.

The market is there for you. If you have a demanded skill you can sell it. It’s time you become entrepreneurial.

Maybe you know how to reinstall computer windows – old folks don’t know how to do that. I used to make good money from windows reinstall.

Without income you can’t be rich – so fucking twist your brain how to sell what you already know. Create some sort of a hustle. Maybe you know how to drive a car. Go on uber. Or any taxi or delivery service.

Maybe you know how to knit, sew, do some other stuff. I can’t guess it you know. But you have to have a demandable skill. Without any skills your best bet is to obtain a skill.

The best way to check if your skill is demandable. Is to install chrome extension keywords everywhere.

And check how it works.


Here you see that knitting has some cost to it the column with CPC on it. This means that people will pay you money if you teach them to knit.


The same with sewing – you see people pay for these keywords. The bigger the CPC the more profitable market.

So install that extension and check for some keywords and you’ll know in an instant if people are paying for that market.

These keywords are just examples.

If you know how to do something you can always teach. Teach online, teach offline – there’s always demand for teachers. Offline or online.

Even if you know how to draw or write – you can teach.

There’s almost infinite markets out there I bet you can pick one or two skills that you can teach.

Then you should pick a platform where you’re going to teach – you can create seminars, webinars, youtube videos, amazon kindle books or you can blog on your blog.

Your duty is to find a market that pays and teach, or learn a skill and then teach. You can even teach as you learn – the choice is yours.

But remember – without income you can’t become rich. So first step is to increase your income.