Get better.

It’s been 7 years I’m writing my various thoughts, emotions, disappointments and the struggles.

Writing is a very competitive occupation. These days everyone is a writer. There’s just too much noise. I wish I could shoot most of the writers.

It’s been 7 years of fruitless work, fruitless grind and disappointments with misery.

I have to admit – I’m a miserable person who’s never lucky.

Luck isn’t on my side. I wish the road was straight, but the road is full of curves, pitfalls and downfalls. I’m in the down.

I literally wish I could shoot this world’s best writers. Then there would be a place for my writing.

I wish I would write better, because most of my writing is crap. Although I have stroke some chords which didn’t benefit my pocket. So I went fucking mad.

Life is pretty damn harsh, hard and most importantly unfair.

You must agree with this statement.


Nobody waits for my new blog post. I literally am a writer with no audience. No wonder – my whole list of writing is garbage.

Not because people don’t like it, but because I get better as a writer after I finish my post. Goddammit.

Fuck all those writers who earn millions of bucks, fuck them. I wish I could shoot them. Fucking posers.

And every single motherfucker has to tell how lucky he got because he earns some cash to buy one million dollar house. Fucking poser – you – Stephen King. I wish you would write a story about me. You sure would love to write stories for free – yeah – you would.

If I would earn millions of bucks from my books. I sure would love to write stories for free. Goddammit.

Anyway. The story goes forward. Fuck those posers who say we are special and talented. I bust my ass every fucking day creating content for you motherfuckers. I sure hate you all – now go fuck yourself.

Instead of writing these fucking stories. I should go and kill people. Less people – more air to breath.

You know what pisses me the most? It’s your fucking standards – how the story should go. You all fuckers want awesome stories, but why you read all the garbage? Pick any newsletter like CNN, it’s full of garbage stories, but ya’ll people like it.

A writer has only one thing to do. It’s to get better. Because the fucking competition is a lot better than that poor fucking writer. Yes, you heard me right. Most of you writers are better than me because you earn your fucking dollars. But I’m not going to quit that easily. Fuck, man, I’ll grind my skill 20 years, if I’ll have to.

You fucking writers aren’t pushing me out of business. If I told that I’m gonna be a blogger, that means I’ll be one.

I sure fucking love to write stories for free, but I would love writing them for cash.

I learn that fucking language. Because I love to grind. It’s said that writing is the most harshest and most disappointing occupation. Fuck man, I love disappointments and misery. Why did I choose this occupation is the first place? To earn money you fucking bastards.

I don’t care about you unless you like and love me.

7 years I was grinding this writer’s skill and where have I’ve got? Fucking nowhere, that’s about fucking right.

7 fucking years on some fucking writing. I wish I was as smart as I am now. Fuck I sure had to write in this blog back in the day. But I was fucking stupid to seek places where it was easier.

Most of my stories didn’t get any traction. Some would be posted in huffpost, if I wouldn’t delete them.

Many of my friends told me: “I see you have some potential.“. I have some potential. Goddammit. But it’s never enough, right?

You fucking writers have upped the game so much that it’s easy to miss the game. But I’m not out yet.

If I told, that I’m grinding this game. Then it means I will.

Today I watched some fucking motivation. And I got fucking motivated to get better.

And you writers don’t even try to stop me. I’m fucking motivated – hell yeah. Yeah boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

I realized writing is a game. And the best have all the glory. And money. Would you spare some change? How about you hit that donate button and buy me a coke since you read my shit daily. How about that?

Everybody thinks I’m a joke, but jokes on you, motherfuckers.

Yeah, I’m highly motivated. Hope my motivation won’t fade till tomorrow, because it always does. Doesn’t it?

What are we doing here? Where’s all the casual stories? If you want me to go pro – then just tell me and I’ll blast your socks off you motherfucker.

These days I was lazy to write. I had to rethink my goddamn life. I always think about my life, because life tends to hit me with a wet sock right in the kisser. Life just keeps bitch slapping and bitch slapping.

I’m done being a loser. At least for today I am.

You all think I’m a joke. Why is that? Aren’t we having a great time writing and reading?

I never worked in my life, because I knew I got to take this fucking life and build something from it. Yeah, I’m fucking motivated.

This time for real.

Everybody wants a better story, but isn’t the stories about misery the best? How fucking disappointing everything is.

Fucking 7 years in the game and therefore no fucking results.

Where are the fucking fans, the fucking donors?

What’s up with you. Why don’t you see a talent when he’s right under your nose?

You want a better story, so I guess I’ll have to blast your socks off with one – a fucking good story which won’t earn me a cent.

Writing sure is fulfilling me and my pocket.

I’m fucking bored with writing, but I write because there isn’t anything better to do. I was born a philosopher. During my 30 years, I have some shit figured out. There’s just to much of you fuckers who write.

How about you drop dead?

Less writers – better the chance of me succeeding.

Everyone is hungry for success. But most people aim low and miss. But me – I fucking aim high, if I told that I’ll be a paid blogger that means I will. I know this shit.

Sure there are goddamn days when I don’t want to wake up and look at my blogs stats. The shit is real, isn’t it?

Every fucking time I miss. Every fucking time.

I’m done missing. You want a better story. Okay. There will be, maybe not this one.

I started writing because there isn’t anything interesting to read. I had to choose real writing instead of insta–trash.

But people, the writers, they keep upping the game now and then.

A writer wrote a piece and earned 1000$ – that’s not me.

I probably won’t get rich selling 30 cent eBooks. But whatever. Fuck that.

If people don’t read your blog it means you suck. There is no other explanation. Don’t bullshit me with stories that people can’t find your blog. I’m done with bullshit.

People keep telling – you have to blog 4 years to get traffic while this motherfucker gets 10000+ visits per month just after 6 months of blogging. Yeah sure, people love that shit. The how to articles, the reviews and other crap, but how about a little rant?

Nobody tells the truth. You suck, your life is a joke, you will never win. That’s what people keep telling me.

And I used to believe all this crap. But after 7 years of writing I realized that I suck. I really suck your dick. You are better than me, you goddamn writers.

Every time I go on I keep asking myself, how come these writers write such garbage and how do people read this piece of sh*t.

Tends to be that most and the best writers are on Medium, so chances winning there are slim. The world has enough good writers who keep writing click bait shit.


Yeah, I sure should implement some click baits on my blog, but fuck that. No readers after 700+ posts? You must suck, this is what happened to me.

So if I suck, I must get better.

But fucking how? I sure could show you my dick, that sure would get me few clicks. But with letters, how the fuck you do that?

I sure should write some good goddamn stories about a fucking miserable life, about me being cashless and other writers stealing my pocket money, but that’s goddamn lame.

Nobody wants me to cry about my fucking miserable life, how my pocket is empty. That’s lame.

You know what? Reading is lame, because you talk about America, how fucking Trump sucks, how Britney farted, how Chester cried for help and he committed suicide. Fuck that, because it’s fucking boring.

How about a story of a guy, who wanted it big, but instead he got fucked by life and its pitfalls? This would be a bang.

But I’m no Chester, I fucking won’t commit suicide. He’s gone and I’m still alive and kicking, that motherfucker had it all. The money, the fame, the bitches, the cars, the jets and a fucking goddamn awesome voice. Sucks he couldn’t shout for any help, because you fuckers kill all the genius. How many artists committed suicide because this fucking planet doesn’t care about genius. But that’s lame – we want a better story. You know what? Fuck you!

Shove your story in your ass. This is what people give me.

I fucking grind and you give me zero bucks. Why is that? Press that goddamn donation button and buy me some coke you motherfucker!

I’ve read all the good stories. I want another one. So I wouldn’t feel so miserable. Chester I hope you have a fucking good time in heaven.

And we writers fucking grind these fucking stories so the fucking reader was fucking entertained.

Eat. Shit. Laugh. (Жрать. Срать. Ржать.)

Fuck this fucking culture of fucking bio robots. This generation is made of mindless workers and ass-lickers who lick every ass to get a buck.

How about you suck my dick for free? That would be nice, if you’re a girl. And if you’re a man, how about you go fuck yourself you mindless bum.

Fucking generations of selfish idiots, who give zero fucks. This is how we teach each other. To give zero fucks, but what about common good?

Selfish motherfuckers don’t care about common good, because every motherfucker wants to survive. The competition is fucking stiff.

So you gotta become fucking better.

Because these fuckers will outcompete you easily. These fuckers are well prepared. You know what’s easier than outcompeting your competition? Shooting them.

You shoot your competition and you’re a monopolist.

Nobody likes the monopoly. But these writers are the monopoly whenever I surf the web. I see the same faces over and over and over.

You fucking make me puke. Where are my dollars?

Where’s my fucking fame and glory? How many letters I’ll have to write until I get some recognition?

Yeah you guessed, these fuckers feed you with bullshit.

Does any money making video made you rich? No? You suck, because I suck. I watched thousands of them and you know what? I just fucking wasted my fucking time on those videos. Instead I could have wrote my fucking blog and my blog would have +1 lame post.

You think I’m a joke, a loser, a clown. I spend my time learning all my life and when I meet someone I could give you 100%, he’s an idiot. You see this is a generation of idiots.

Idiots who consume garbage like farts and don’t want to learn anything interesting from philosophy or psychology or any other field.

When I go outside I just see a bunch of losers, who have worked all their life and they’re fucking poor. Why then work, if you’ll end up poor? I’m poor while not working.

Brian Tracy says work on your craft everyday, read, learn. And maybe you’ll end up being rich. Goddammit Brian. In a poor country you’ll be poor, because none of those fuckers have money to buy your goods. Brian, you’re old and soon you’ll gonna step into the heaven side. I love your videos OwO.

Nobody’s going to tell you the secret to wealth because none of them need any competition. Financial sector is filled with garbage. Conflicting information as Grant Cardone says. I’ve been watching those videos, but none of them made me rich. I just wasted time.

So fuck yeah, I’m fuckin’ motivated.

I just have to get better, but fuck – I just can’t imagine how it could happen.

I guess I’ll just have to fucking grind this shit.

And after 20 years you’ll suck my dick.