Gave Linux Ubuntu 18.04 another try.

I kinda love reinstalling systems. This time I installed 18.04 and won’t do an update to 19.04. Gonna wait until the next LTS comes out.

And it works. This time I’m not going to install OBS and Nvidia driver and hope it works 🙂

I’m done doing Youtube videos for now – gonna take a break.

Also I have a podcast but I really don’t like doing podcasts.

But gonna try again. Maybe I’ll love it. 🙂

My podcasts range from 1 minute to 10 minutes. I crack jokes, but it’s Lithuanian. So you won’t like it.

Remember I told that I made something with computer that made my traffic x7? Now it’s gone.

Traffic to my blog ranges from 10-25 hits. It’s strange that you have to market your blog, when there’s Google. People should find my blog in Google. Anyway fuck blog marketing. We’re not marketers here.

Until you do something specific with linux Ubuntu it doesn’t break, but when you want to do specific things it breaks.

I remember one time I wanted to edit video with openshot and it broke. The package was lame. The software would close without any notifications. I hope they fixed it. Also I noticed that openshot doesn’t have slice tool. Also there’s the Blender app that comes with openshot.

It would be great if Ubuntu became the major OS for desktops. Then there would be many apps for Ubuntu. But that’s not happening anytime soon.

Still the best Linux is Android and Chrome OS.

I don’t know why Ubuntu is so popular, they say it’s a stable system, but every time I try to do webcam video recording it breaks down on me.

I wanted to tell you that I have one fetish. This is when the command line does the app updates and system updates – it’s so satisfying to watch. 🙂