Cutting down on your expenses.

I lived without money 30 years. Although I got my 221€ since I remember. I remember sometime I got 850 Litas. That was a lucky period. But I’ve spent it all and today I have no money.

My advice would be live with your parents as long as possible.

My advice is mostly frugal – if you don’t like frugal maybe this post isn’t for you.

Wear cheap clothes because really in these modern days only your pocket does impress people – so better invest in your pocket rather than clothes.

I know people with shiny clothes don’t have enough money – did you know that many people take a loan to buy an Adidas or Nike clothes? Those are expensive. I used to buy Nike and Converse shoes but now I’m wearing shoes for 12€. Nike’s costed 100€. I’m wearing non branded clothes and I look cheap. And I’m cheap at this moment.

Buy cheap computers. I used to buy computers for 1000 Litas rather than 3000 Litas. If you’re just writing online any basic 200€ laptop will do – you don’t need expensive gear to write.

The next biggie – stop drinking alcohol. Because alcohol is the biggest money spender. I remember we went out with my friend to the city and he spent 100€ per night and the next time I spent 100€ per night. 200€ wasted per two days. That’s my whole disability paycheck.

I kinda regret that.

Instead of alcohol I recommend you start a website just like mine so you could document your life. This is great even if it doesn’t provide you money – still a website is an asset.

If you’re like me – always sitting at home you don’t need a car.

Also girlfriends – they are money suckers. I remember I used to have a girlfriend and she suck my money for perfume, flowers. It’s better to stop chasing girls and instead focus on your business and your wealth building. Show me a girlfriend which doesn’t want to go out to a club or restaurant – leave that for later.

Especially when you don’t have the money no girl will be interested in you. That’s good. Fuck the girls.

The next thing I noticed. I became a bit richer when I stopped lending money. I used to lend 10€ or 15€, sometimes 40€ to people and they didn’t return me the money. So I now have few selected friends whom I can trust. Stop lending money – always pretend that you have no money. It’s for your own sake.

Don’t buy smartphones if your life isn’t interesting. I use a Nokia 115.

Nokia 115
Nokia 115

This is a good solid phone and it costs 20€.

Stop buying video games on steam and use piratebay instead – if you like gaming. Those games aren’t worth the money. And playing games is a waste of time. You need real rewards, not virtual.

Listen to music on Youtube and avoid subscription based services. I know many people like Spotify. I used to like grooveshark but it’s now closed.

Just use a Youtube to mp3 converter and upload it to your phone if you already have a smartphone.

Don’t subscribe on twitch – instead use an adblocker. Subscribe if you have the money and want to support the streamer – that’s how they make their money, but since this post is on saving money and cutting down the expenses.

Movies? Use piratebay. If you love movies. Personally me I don’t watch any movies. I don’t care.

Don’t buy gadgets and upgrades to your current gear. Old gear is fine. You’re trying to save up money remember? Gadget don’t make you cool and most of the time they are garbage.

Create a savings account in your bank. And when you get some income – move some percentage or amount to your savings account first. Then pay your debt.

Fuck all the trips around the world. Fuck vacations unless they are free.

Fuck fun in general if you want to save. Because fun is what takes all the cash. Instead create yourself some side hustle – create a blog. Film youtube videos. Stream games. Do whatever you want with free time, but be sure to do activities which can benefit your pocket and not hurt your pocket.

Don’t quit your job if you have one. If you don’t have a job. Try creating one. I know you can do it – just twist your brain a little. Test and fail cheap. Don’t buy ads. They suck.

Tell your parents that you want to save up some money. Don’t give your hard earned cash to your parents. Lend them some money if they need. They’ll understand you. Tell them that you want to save up some money so that they won’t have to lend it from elsewhere – be their sponsor, be their bank. They’ll give you back your money just because they are your parents.

Use prepaid phone cards. Don’t go into subscription – it’s not worth it. Also if you want to do business have two phones. One for personal and one for business. Fuck the landline phone if you own a cellphone.

Don’t upgrade your furniture and your house overall unless it’s leaking. It’s not worth it. Remember Steve Jobs lived in his office and slept on the ground – you can do that too.

I already said – dress like a bum. Don’t have a lot of clothes if you’re a guy, because all guys wear the same jeans or sports pants and nobody complexes for their appearance. Nobody cares how you look when you have billion dollars.

I used to order 2 pizzas every month and that’s 20€ per month, 140€ per year. That’s a lot of money if I’m living with 221€. For 140€ I could buy two years of hosting my blog. Fuck pizzas and burgers and other tasty foods because one thing – they are unhealthy and the other thing they are really expensive here in Lithuania. Not worth buying more than 2 burgers and 1 small pizza.

Remember, I said – it’s frugal. You could buy that stuff if you have more than 200€ but I’m solving my problem and working with 200€.

30 years I’ve spent my money literally on garbage, that’s why I have only 5€ after 30 years… If you worked 10 years and have zero in the bank. I’m still richer than you. After not working.

If you’re into exercising and live in warm country where there are no winters consider doing one man punch challenge. You don’t need a gym to get ripped.

Gym here in Lithuania costs 20€ per month. Personally not worth it. Unless you live in a country where’s winter. One man punch challenge is enough if you want to get ripped.

If you’re living in a hot country you can commute with a bicycle. You’ll even shred some pounds. I used to commute with a bicycle, it’s still faster than walking, but here in Lithuania we have winters so I sold my bike. Because it broke down on me. Now I just walk or use a bus. I don’t travel a lot.

If you have winters you want to buy good winter shoes. I bought my winter shoes for 400 Litas, it’s about 150€ and they serve me 7 years. It was a good investment they’ll serve next years also. They aren’t going bad. I don’t walk a lot. You want your shoes to be waterproof. Fuck the style of the shoe – go army gear. Their clothing is good and it’s reliable.

My friend told me to go and ask food at the local eldership – they give some food for free. That’s good because your mom can make some pancakes. 🙂

If you’re feeling lonely at the computer and have no in real life friends – shoot some webcam vlogs and after 3-6 months you’ll have a community around yourself – don’t forget to add a donate button. Some might even give you some money.

If you have no IRL friends you’ll be sitting indoors like a hikikomori. So create something of value – you can even do fart videos, people like them.

It’s frugal, with 221€ either way you can’t do a lot. So better delay your gratification, sit few months at home, walk your dog or cat – save some money and you’ll be feeling better.

Come visit my blog on 12th of the next month and I’ll tell you how I’m doing moneywise.