Business theory is easy.

I’ve graduated from business school and in business school we learnt a bit about the history of business, accountancy. I can’t even recall what we learnt because it was so useless.

All my life I was entrepreneurial. I liked to sell although I’m lame at sales.

In short – a sale – is merely an exchange between you and the interesant.

Sales are very easy when you have something that other people want. It may be a service like Windows reinstall or dog walking or grooming and cutting grass.

There are billions of people who have various problems due to circumstances and here comes business. Every single business, even non profit should solve a problem of a customer. It’s always about them.

People come looking for solutions to their problems.

Since nowadays blogging is a business, or a hobby – people come to read blogs for few reasons:

  • To be informed.
  • To be educated.
  • To be entertained.

There is no other reason why people read blogs.

So business bloggers should focus on solving problems of their potential customer.

How do you get a customer?

Think about the problems web users and real life people can have. If you can solve a problem in real life – you can solve it online. Period.

Business theory is easy – solve a problem for a monetary reward.

That’s easy.

But when business theory comes to practicality it gets really hard and most of the time very competitive. You have to offer exceptional products and services to be ahead off the market and most of the time you can’t do it alone.

Option one is to seek help if you can’t do it alone. The era of solopreneurs has ended. Now the companies who have more employers will win because their productivity is very high.

When starting a business try to minimize risk and fail cheaply, because you might invest all your money into a venture and get a burn down.

Don’t listen to people who say you have to take huge risks. The real business owner wants to minimize risk. There’s so much money you can spend on building an empire. Sure I’m not a marketing guru. I can’t tell you how to market. Marketing still is hard for me.

But when I did my computer technician venture. I just bought some sticky paper, printed an ad and went in my neighborhood to put on houses that ad. Some people did call. And I earned my income, but computer technician jobs are dead – I didn’t pursue that.

You see – when you have something to offer, people will come in lines to you as long as you provide professional service or have an outstanding product.

I don’t want to go in business details, since yet I’m not a businessman. I’m just trying to do it online and it works hardly.

Business theory is easy and I doubt it’s worth to go into business school to learn business. Instead it’s worth trying some ventures by yourself.

My mother had a business but she failed, never did she start a business again. Few of my friends had a business – but they have failed. Only my mother’s brother has a successful business, he does car tire service. That business is thriving already 20 years but he’s doing hardly these days.

If you’re afraid of sales – don’t be. Because a sale is simply an exchange between you and the customer – I did couple of minor sales during my life and it’s awesome to get money which you deserve. As long as you can provide an astonishing performance.

Don’t be afraid of business. Instead learn business. Try a venture or two. And you’ll make some mistakes – that’s okay but you need to remember to fail fast and cheap.

Minimize the risk.