Bought a computer and couple of games.

Today I received my disability paycheck.

So I bought a computer and craft the world DLC bosses and monsters and Diablo III DLC Rise of the Necromancer.

Now I don’t have any money and gonna wait till the next disability paycheck will arrive.

I have to pay 30€ to my friends. I owe 20€ to one friend and to another 10€.

My life is great. The computer should arrive between July 22 – August 9.

Been chilling for couple of days, didn’t want to write.

Now the computer will arrive and I will play craft the world.

It’s a great sandbox game. Diablo III is great too. Wonder how the necromancer will feel.

The computer will arrive with Windows 10, but I think I’m going to install Windows 7 on it, unless it comes with CD KEY for Windows 10.