As it is.

Changing one’s life is hard. There are many obstacles in life.

Till you change your life you’re going to live it as it is.

Over the years I didn’t tried to change my life. I always pick the easiest path. Not to work, not to learn, to sleep all day and lurk online.

It’s easy believe me.

But life gets harder and harder.

When I was young I couldn’t imagine myself working and was waiting till the 8-17 will end. As soon as I finished school. I went to school to get a profession but I didn’t graduate. Few days were left and I went to learn in business school. That I graduated. But I never started a business. Business is tough.

Do you agree that nothing magical happens in life? I do agree.

Life isn’t that special and living itself is purposeless.

Half a year ago a I teared up my graduation documents because they were useless.

I never was good at learning stuff – always was an underachiever. I sat in the back of the class and waited till the class will end. Skipping school was my hobby.

I didn’t wake up early. I had my sleep and after I slept I went to school somewhere around 12-13 o’clock. Few lessons were left.

Now thinking about education – I might say I’m poorly educated. Although I read a lot of stuff online. I know one or another thing.

Education is only required if you want to work, since I don’t want to work – I don’t need any education.

Still being educated doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a job. So education is simply useless. With jobs paying the same amount of money it doesn’t matter where you work.

Since the beginning of my life I saw that the place is abundant. There’s everything made and I asked myself – why bother doing something and learning when there are people who can do things better than you ever will. So I didn’t learn. Didn’t work. I always wanted to do my own thing – but that didn’t work. I never wanted to sell my time. I wanted to work with print since I’m not a bad writer. Is there a market for stupid books? Sure there is! All libraries and book stores are full of serious books. But then again – earning from book writing didn’t happen and I’ve quit writing books.

Writing short pieces of text is more interesting. It takes less time.

Anyway. More people come to this world than go out. The population is booming.

People are living ordinary lives. But everyone dreams about an exceptional life. Going against the current is draining. And it will exhaust most people.

So we are living as it is. Nothing magical happened yet.

And I hope it doesn’t because I’m so used to my life that I don’t want to change anything. I will repay my debt and save some cash and then I’m done.

I’m just living a simple life. I don’t want to take any responsibility. Because I can’t handle it.

I remember I had saved up some money and when the psychotic episode struck I gave all my money away to strangers. I couldn’t help myself. That money was saved up to fix my teeth and when I gave all the money away – I said fuck saving and didn’t save any money later as soon as I got my money I then spent it all the same day.

I’m used to living without money.