0 – The Plan.

Now I haven’t got any money saved, well maybe 5€ in my savings account. Today I created and started saving my money.

The plan is to repay my debt which is 615€.

And save up 1000€.

It will take me 8 months.

After saving my 1000€ I’m going to invest in some fund.

Don’t know yet, but here I’ll log my money.

Currently have 5€.

I know that’s not a lot and many people wouldn’t even bother to save such money. I didn’t bother too. Until now.

Every month I’m getting 221€ for my disability.

This is my money and the only two expenses I have is the internet cable 14€ and mobile phone 5€. 19€ I’ll get 202€ left. Well bank expenses 1.80€ per month. That’s all.

So I’ll have 200 to repay debt and save up.

On the 12th day of the next month I’m going to drop 100€ into my savings and 100€ into repaying debt.

I hope that works.