Your talents.

Once the best pianist in Lithuania went to Moscow, there he met 200 pianists like him.

When you blog – you experience real time world wide competition.

Over 4.4 million blog posts are published every day.

Imagine, 4 million blog posts per day. Your chance to get viewed is 0.0000001%. If I did the math right. Anyway. The chance is pretty slim.

You live in a world where there are smarter people, more talented people, greater people. Of course – and there are weaker ones.

Being talented means being above the average person. And most people are mediocre.

The real reason blogs fail is that the entry level is low – anyone can be a blogger. Therefore we have a huge competition. New blogs will fail, especially those who are made by amateur people.

The easiest thing in life is to write – all people can do it. There sure are enough of bloggers. Nobody needs a new blogger.

Writing isn’t real work. Writing isn’t building and road building, sending space shuttles to cosmos, or even doing lab tests and creating drugs. Writing is really easy and everyone can do it.

The more successful you are the better your writing.

It would be hard to be a writer, when in life you’re a nobody just like me.

If you would be alone in the universe – sure you would be talented, but now you aren’t alone.

To increase your chance of getting viewed write more posts. Increase your output. The more you write – the better the change of getting found.

Many blogs take up to 4 years to get noticed, some blogs take even longer.

Your talents are up to you but without hard work you can’t even compete.