Your main problem is lack of money.

In capitalism we all need money. We put a dollar sign on every god damn thing.

And what do we have?

A generation of unhealthy and mentally ill people, because most people think daily “How to get money?

This is my problem. Paranoid schizophrenia doesn’t seem as bad as not having money. I want to be honest I struggle with money. Money is a major issue for me. Because I hate capitalism so bad.

We have to pay for everything, we have to work, obey and serve.

That said. I assume you’re struggling with the same problem.

Money is the best antidepressant.

Money heals. Money won’t make you feel bad.

I kinda got used to the fact that I don’t have money. Because to be honest I don’t want to sell anything. My products are lame, the only good product I have is my blog.

If you struggle with money tell me in the comments.

I know I would be a philanthropist, if I was okay with money. But since I’m a bum and my creative endeavors don’t work. I kinda decided to be a nonprofit writer. I write in my blog.

In capitalism, where we have to pay for everything, money is the biggest problem. The lack of money.

Back in the day I used to make money – now I don’t. Back in the day I thought if I do what I know best money should come. But it didn’t.

And it makes me very upset that I can’t make a living from writing. Of course I’m perfecting my writing everyday.

It kinda sucks when you can’t have a dream job. When you can’t earn with what you know best. Capitalism isn’t fair. That’s for sure.

Many people here in Lithuania can’t afford a car. So why do we talk about money? My donors only donate me few bucks. That’s not enough to even host my blog or by a domain name.

I don’t want to be in business. I like the idea of nonprofit, but how do nonprofits survive? From donors – you guessed it.

When money is the main issue. You never know when you’re going to be kicked out of your room. If not my mom. I would be on the streets because the disability paycheck is a joke.

Lithuania is a joke, a funny country with smart people who can’t make the country right. Lithuanians watch pirated movies because they can’t afford to go to the cinema. 😀

Most Lithuanians have problems with money. It’s a cheap ass country.

Visit Lithuania, if you like partying and drinking. It’s cheap to drink here. That’s why most people drink here. It’s a country of alcoholics. Most people I know – drink. I don’t know not a single, my age, person who doesn’t drink or haven’t drank.

Your problems arise because you don’t have money.