Your life won’t change.

If you’re in your 30s, most likely your life won’t change. Sure you can change some aspect of your life, like going to the gym, becoming more active.

But if in your 30s you didn’t find what you like do to – most likely you won’t find.

If by your 30s you didn’t become a famous writer or a famous blogger, singer, dancer, painter, rock band member – it won’t happen.

If you’re in your 30s and you have no money in your pocket – that probably will be in your 40s and 50s.

I remember my 20s. I sat at home with no money just my paycheck for disability. During these 10 years nothing has changed.

I live as I live. I drink less, but still I drink, I started smoking when first I was introduced to the mental house.

Still live on disability paycheck. My life didn’t change just the fact that I wrote 3 books. Made couple of thousand articles. Blogging didn’t change my life.

Nothing can change your life because in the end it’s your life. There is nothing special about life. All this living it has no meaning to it. We create meaning by ourselves.

You live your 30s like you will live your 40s and 50s, 60s, 70s, etc.

If your environment won’t change then you will not change, because people don’t change. People are changed by their environment.

When I was a kid, I thought that life is something special. That there must be something special for me. I was born with heart disease and I was a weak kid. Didn’t do sports. Was always sitting on the bench. I was slow and barely could move. Moved a bit and instantly I started to sweat.

Then when I got older I ended my school and started to ride a bike. Although my upper body is weak – I have strong legs. Could ride 50-100 kilometres per couple of hours. Back then I was in shape because I did daily cycling. But Lithuania is bad for cycling because you have winter season with a lot of snow and it’s cold. Sure during the summer you could lose all the weight but during winter everything would come back. Then I realized that progress from sport is temporary. You see progress when you do sports but as soon as you stop sports – your results start to diminish.

Now I’m in my 30s, on 2019.08.24 I’m 31 years old.

Life went fast. And time gets faster every year. I believe I lived my 1/3 life. I will live till 90. Probably.

You see, when you are born you are born into an environment. At first it’s your body, the body might be sick, then your parents, they can be both quite insane, then your hometown and neighborhood. Then your country.

Living here in Lithuania isn’t bad but I always lack money. Back in the day I used to make enough money, but now all my businesses don’t give me profit. Sell some kindle eBooks. But that’s a joke.

I never wanted to work for somebody. I always wanted to do my own thing, but doing your own thing is really hard, because the competition is stiff.

Writing didn’t change my life. I do it about 10 years, almost daily. Sure it would be great to have a blog like Seth Godin, or John Chow, or Neil Patel. But I don’t want a pro blog, I want it to be an amateur blog.

On this blog I write since November 8th.

So yeah, my life didn’t change despite that I was viral. I just had a lot shares and went viral, but people forgot about me after 15 minutes. So yeah, that’s what’s fame today 15 minutes of glory.

Somehow bloggers need to make their message spread, but it’s easier said than done.

You see when you’re a nobody – nobody will read your blog. You somehow have to be an expert in some niche, but man all niches are crowded – only personal blog niches aren’t crowded.

What can you expect with a blog with no marketing?

Blog stats

These are the total stats. You see, despite marketing – people are coming to my blog. But this kinda traffic won’t make you a buck.

You know watching my stats is a nice occupation.

When you’re a writer your position in life matters. If you haven’t achieved anything in life – nobody’s going to read your stuff. But if you’d be a published author or athlete, or rockstar – then instantly your blog would have traffic.

It’s really hard to change your life with writing. You can count with fingers how many authors you know and 99% you don’t know, 99% won’t make a dime from their writing – because literally they are nobodies. Just like me.

People might know you, but they won’t engage with you or your content. Because best marketing is word of mouth. Advertising is expensive.

Yann Girard writes his blog since 2013 and it gets lame traffic. But he wrote in some post that blog gave him new opportunities. I’m looking for opportunities too.

My dream, as many times as I told, is to make money online. I made some but that’s not stable income.

You can’t force anybody to buy.

So you see I’m in my 30s, and I will be living my 40s the same way I am living my 30s. Unless my blog will blow up with traffic. But that won’t happen. Sure I wanted it to happen, but it won’t.

I started my blog to share my life and stories, philosophies and maybe I’ll attract some clients from outside of Lithuania. Sure my English isn’t perfect but whatever – you can always buy prowritingaid to enchant your writing.