You may never have.

You can dream about the most beautiful life, but the problem is you may never have that life.

Achieving goals is really hard. Only 1% of people live the way they want. Yeah, I made that up.

If achieving goals takes a long period of time then it’s better to sit and play video games. In video games everything’s easy.

Do this, do that and puff you have your results.

While in real life achieving goals is simply nonsense. You want to be a famous blogger – how much articles you have to write? 1000? 10 000? 100 000? It’s ridiculous.

But doing something in real life is better than doing something in a video game. Period. You play video games to chill out and you do things in real life to have real results. But getting results in real life, well, it’s hard.

Like Bruce Lee said. Don’t pray for an easy life, pray to get strength to endure a difficult life.

Life is difficult, but it’s simple – eat, shit, sleep, repeat. How hard can it get? Sure you have to endure occasional pain, mood swings, and etc.

I say: live the way you want. Because in the end you won’t have that dream life. Sorry for being pessimistic, but that’s the way it is.

I don’t want you to be an optimist, because being an optimist is being delusional.