You just have to get up and do it.

Everyday we have situations where our motivation is tested.

I have to admit, I’m lazy. I see no point in doing stuff since our results are temporary – who cares if you’ll die fat or slim, rich or poor? Death is inevitable.

The only thing I want to do is to write my blog, just because it’s easy enough for me. I never did hard things – just because they’re hard.

Never thought myself, never studied, never did what my mom told me to do and now I have nothing just a bit regret that I didn’t start my blog earlier.

Motivation is simple as my mom says: people who do – get it done.

But in reality this doesn’t work. There are people who get things easier, there are people who get things harder. Personally I don’t know much except how to write. Without writing I don’t know what to do.

But when the passion picked me. I don’t want to give up because writing and mastering it is pretty hard. Writing is a damn hard thing.

When you want to be recognized blogger. There are people who are doing it better, there are people who are doing it worse – who cares? Nobody, you guessed it right!

Don’t be afraid to fall, then get up. Don’t be afraid to cry because achieving goals is a road of disappointment.

I just hope that someday I will be okay. That someday my dream will come true. That someday I gonna live the way I want.

I realized I want a wife, a family, some kids, to live in a house, not a flat, to earn 2000€ or more. I don’t want to settle, but as a blogger – I just have to write and tell stories.

Yeah, I quit my antidepressants. I don’t want to depend on drugs and I want my psyche to be okay. I gotta live with a disease and that makes my life a bit harder. Can you imagine – that blogging is the only thing that stuck with me.

I see these guys earning 10 000$ from blogging. I want it too. Maybe even more and I know that this industry has money. I’m doing something great but I don’t see profit from it. I know this industry has profit.

I really don’t want to give up now. It’s just 8 months of blogging. While guys at the market, blog for 20 years. I got to do a lot of writing to catch up.

The problem with motivation is that motivation is integrated in our bodies. When we won’t see any results, the body knows it and that’s why it doesn’t motivate us. Motivation should be internal, not external. External motivation is temporary while inner motivation is the key to success.

Ok, I don’t want to talk about success because yet I haven’t reached my target. But you remember I told that I want 100 visitors per day? Now I have them. Now I want 500 visitors per day.

The problem that most of the stuff I write isn’t read by people. Sure I’m not shouting into the void, but everyday I wake up and I think about cool stuff I could tell on my blog. All I want that my blog was cool and people liked it.

For me it’s not about cash. It’s about my principle.

You see many people want me to go to work, to get a ‘real’ job, to wake up every morning and go somewhere to earn money – I don’t want that because I strongly believe that blogging is my destiny.

If I didn’t like to write and to blog I wouldn’t do it. You have to accept that. Sure I’m not earning any money but people still read and like my blog and that’s a honor for me. When people actually care what I’m up to.

In life you can strive for a goal, or you can be miserable and play video games. I picked a goal. I told myself that I will earn money blogging – just don’t know how and when. But I’ve got the essentials which are writing and sharing great stories.

You are great not when you choose to be but when people think you’re great. It’s all about people, the majority of people won’t even care what I’m doing here and how it goes to me. Because the world is so vast.

You are being liked just by few people and that’s okay. True leaders aren’t followers. But nowadays everyone has a fan and fans are who keep this shit going. I write everything for my fans.

And if you knew, how much time I spend creating content for you guys – you actually started respecting me. Now I get no respect. Just laughs.

Nobody cares how much time you spend creating that piece. Everyone cares just about the end result. And they judge you, they hate you, they laugh at you. That’s the way it is when you want to make a breakthrough.

Writing itself is a depressing and disappointing occupation. Writer’s are never happy unless they earn a lot of money, because money is the best antidepressant. Money keeps you happy because you can spend it on shiny things. I want money, but the way I want – not the way everyone is telling me.

Don’t tell me what to do and I won’t tell you where to go.