You can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Sure it takes time.

I could learn to play guitar but I lost my interest in it and I shifted my mind to blogging. Since blogging started I wanted to be one.

I knew this occupation is the only thing I truly want to do.

When picking a goal, pick something you are good with. Don’t pick something that comes hard to you.

There are many types of goals.

Your goals shouldn’t include other people, fame, riches.

Your goals should be like playing the guitar, playing piano, getting a perfect body. Something that depends on you. Your goal can be quitting drinking, smoking, drugs.

Your goals shouldn’t include your health, because money doesn’t buy health and we all are going to die anyway. Nobody’s immortal.

Set yourself a goal that will take you a lifetime. You want to be working on your goal each day, because without a goal your life would be miserable.

It’s lame to lead an ambitionless, goalless, aimless life.

I can assure you – you can achieve anything you want. Maybe you don’t want to work, maybe you want to be lazy. Maybe you want to travel the world. Anything you’ll choose you can achieve. Period.

I’m saying this, because everybody needs a monetary goal. You want to do what you like and get some cash. I love to write and I do it every single day. It’s my passion. Now I have to earn with my passion – sure it’s hard, sure it’s competitive. But since I like it I can do it forever – free or paid.