Would be longer.

Dear diary,

Today I was with my dog. She chews random garbage like cigarette butts, beer corks and small pieces of trees.

I spend a fun time with my dog, Bena.

I wanted to be longer, but she was tempting to go home.

Now I’m at home, listening to Michael Jackson.

I’ll go for a smoke. Having a dog is great, but in the morning I’m so lazy to go out with her, she wakes up me at 7 AM. Then I go out with her and then I go to sleep again.

I assume it’s better to have a house with some land. Then you just open up the door and she walks by her own. But unfortunately I don’t have a house with land. 🙁

I finally deleted all my youtube videos. I don’t want to be a youtuber. Nobody watches my videos, so I guess they are lame. Anyway deleted them and I’m okay.

Now I’m going to blog on this blog/diary.

Ok, I’m going for a smoke.