Why outcasts are successful.

Being different is hard. If you’re different you won’t be accepted withing the group. People like alike people.

People don’t befriend people who are different.

Being successful means carving your own pathway. And success – it’s sure fucking hard. Everyone thrives towards success.

If you’re a social outcast.

Try to envision your own life. Live the way you want, because the society won’t accept you no matter what you do – because you’re different.

Social outcasts are unique people, but being unique doesn’t mean useful. Social outcast has to be somehow useful to others, but it’s damn hard. I’m somewhat a social outcast. Very small group of people care about what I do. Being disabled is a criteria that makes your life harder.

Sure not everyone can be a leader. But social outcasts tend to be leaders, independent thinkers, innovators, if I may.

Living itself is a harsh thing.

Everyone is working and social outcast has to find a way. How to live the dream, if you don’t live the dream – why live at all? What’s the point of doing chores, going to work and getting paid just to spend all that cash.

During my life I realized that money is a temporary thing. It comes and goes out. Then you’re empty handed again.

There has to be some secret in life which lets people become rich. Personally me, I haven’t found the secret.

I just have one thing to say. OWN WHAT YOU WORK ON!

Don’t work for other people, work for yourself and maybe someday your dream life will come to you.

I own this blog, this blog is a money making machine. Well, it’s not yet, but someday it will be – because I believe.

Being an outcast means being different. And different people are the ones who make all the innovation. Independent thought is what counts.

You want to push out to the world your own ideas. If you’re an outcast you’re most likely not following anyone on social media. You want followers and you yourself are not a follower.

Real leaders aren’t followers.

Leading requires a lot of guts. Because you want to lead people to victory.

But people have to notice you. People have to see what great things you offer. Personally me, I offer a way to escape the matrix. Meaning how to lead a parasitic lifestyle, not work, rebel and disobey.

That’s great when you want more time on your hands. Don’t spend your time working for others. Do something that you’ll be proud of when you’ll die.

That said – lead, don’t follow.

If you’re an outcast – you’re born for success.